Setting Personal Records For Late Night Treadmill Running

When you still haven’t done your long run because of a bad day/weekend, and it’s 830 at night on a Sunday, do you say “Forget it, I have 50 legitimate justifications for not doing this run today or EVER!” or do you say “Wait a minute… I’m not going to NOT do this run. The schedule says 14 miles so I’m doing 14 miles however I have to do it!” ??


guess which way the marathon is?



Decisions, decisions. I’ll be honest, I went back and forth on this one.



It was a rough week last week. And rough weeks don’t usually equate to me getting my mileage in. But I did it!! Minus my issue with intervals (had to skip my cool down), I got all my mileage in for the week!! 32 miles! I’m quite happy with that. Because even as late as 8pm on Sunday evening I thought I’d be 14 miles short. I just couldn’t see a run happening. It was such a long hard day, including a really random injury that had my back muscles spasming painfully. And my husband was out of town all weekend so I didn’t have any help with the kids. That’s fine of course. It’s just not fine when you’re trying to fit in a 14 mile run and your kids do not want to go to sleep on time.

Finally get the kids to sleep and it’s so late and I’m so defeated with the less than ideal circumstances. I was feeling sorry for myself. I was feeling that I couldn’t do my long run. Not now. Not this late. Not after this week. Not with my back in pain. Not when I knew I had to be up so soon. But what was the alternative? Skip this run? Skip my 14 miler?! Marathon runners know there are a few really important long runs in a training cycle. And I think it starts getting serious at the 14 mile mark. Then, generally, you do a 16, 18, 20, and sometimes 22. Those are the 4-5 run marks that you have to hit before you get into the 3 week taper. And I was going to MISS 1 of the 4?! No way. No no no no no…

And really, how bad is anything when I have a treadmill in the next room with a tv monitor attached to it? I would have killed for that last year during marathon training! Incidentally, this is the reason I got it. Because when I’m in the middle of marathon training but don’t have a babysitter and don’t have any family living near us and my husband has a somewhat random work schedule and/or I have a school paper due that is taking hours longer than expected… it’s treadmill or bust! Last year I simply had to skip all those runs. This year I have options!


some encouraging words from instagram






And with that, I got on the treadmill for a late night long run. Latest and longest treadmill run to date. And you know what? It wasn’t all that bad. I was in the zone for some crazy reason. Delirium? Like I said, it had been a long, difficult week already. I don’t know what it was but I got it done and I’d give my effort a solid ‘A.’ And I finished running at around 1130pm.

It’s never fun (or advisable) to run great distances and then not move or lay down and go to sleep. At least I don’t think it is, considering the advice they give people who want to run a race and then hop on a long flight afterwards. I made myself stay up another hour and a half so that I could walk around the house and wear my compression socks a bit longer and stretch a few more times. Then I pretty much crashed… you know… for those 4 1/2 hours until my kids woke up. Not exactly prime recovery sleep, but whatcha gonna do? 🙂

I’ll tell you what I did do though!… I went and bought myself new shoes! Bam! It’s like a push present to myself! haha Ok, I actually did need shoes because of the debacle of my not-even-old-yet Asics GT’s getting holes in them, but it was also a push present to myself for pushing through everything the week threw at me and sticking to my plan! I love them! And maybe when I get some sleep under my belt, I can actually think about running in them.

Boy, you don’t get a lot of time for reveling in accomplishments in marathon training though, do you? As I write this, I subconsciously feel like I will be getting a week off for my hard work. But my rest day (aka TODAY) is already over! This is kinda brutal. You work so hard to push through each week and then you get what amounts to a 5 minute water break and then you have to hit the field again. ugh

Asics Gel Kayano

Asics Gel Kayano



What’s the longest you’ve run on a treadmill? To all you parents out there with treadmills – Can you run on your treadmill while your kids are awake or do you have to do it before they wake up or after they’re asleep?

4 responses to “Setting Personal Records For Late Night Treadmill Running

  1. Good for you for getting your run in so late! A long run on the treadmill itself is a huge accomplishment – add in the late hour and you’re my hero! You’re one run closer to your goal. Congratulations!!

    My longest run on the treadmill is 13 miles. That was brutal. I’ve been doing most of my long runs super early, so I’ll do the first 10 on the treadmill and whatever is left outside. I’ve never tried to run on the treadmill while my son is up, but I don’t think it would work. He’s only 2 and still wants all of my attention!


    • Thanks! Yes, my kids are only slightly older than yours so it’s chaos with the pair of them. Maybe when they turn 4 or 5 there can be some daylight hour treadmill time?? I’m hoping! But at least you’re really fast, so any treadmill time you do probably flies by! Mine… not so much. And yes, this is part of my incentive to get faster – less time on the treadmill per run!

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    • Thanks! And I agree! I don’t think I could go past 10 at the gym either! It’s a totally different experience when you have your treadmill (and TV) set up exactly how you want it at home. So at least there’s that. Also I think I used up my last power boost of motivation on that late night run because now I’m depleted. I got nuthin for this week. :/


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