If You Can’t Say Anything Nice About Intervals, Don’t Say Anything At All??

Stupid intervals! I try to impress you and you just spit on me and kick me in the face when I’m down! I HATE YOU!!!

I just ran my makeup intervals tonight. I tried to do them last night but during the first 800 I felt I didn’t have it in me and decided to switch out the “9 miles intervals” day to the 3 miles easy” day. I was upset to switch them out but thought, hey, it can’t be worse tomorrow can it?

Turns out it can be. The same sucky feeling of not wanting to do intervals descended on me. I don’t know if my body was giving up or my mind was giving up. Probably both. I ended up doing my 2 mile warmup and all 6 of my 800 intervals @4:00 pace. And then I quit. Well I got this weird pain in my inner quad and tried to do my cool down through it but couldn’t. They say at the first sign of injury – STOP. So I did. That means I did 7 miles total but only missed part of the cool down. Still, I was not in a good mood afterwards.

Then when I was stretching my calves, I felt a pull. What the eff is happening here?! Sure, I wasn’t the most hydrated of people today, but this?! It’s funny how you can technically hit your mark for your interval workout but still be in a bad mood about it and feel like a failure. My schedule said “4-6  800’s.” I chose to do 6. So maybe the cool down failure wasn’t so bad because I did the high end of the intervals? Eh. Whatever. My mind doesn’t want to think positive right now. My mind wants to hate on intervals and hate on myself.

I think I need to get off this treadmill and get outside. I did say, after all, that I would do one run a week outside. Tomorrow is my last chance. I can’t get an outside run in this weekend because of my husband’s schedule so I’ll be doing 14 miles on a treadmill this weekend. It’s not at all ideal but at least I’ll still be able to run.

I wish I had something more positive to report. But I feel like my runs are all just blah. I don’t feel like I’m getting A+ workouts in.



Well keep on keepin on all you marathon training runners! If anyone has stories on how they beat the interval blues, I’d love to hear them!

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