Back To Morning Running

In a great show of strength this morning, I skipped the coffee and jumped on the treadmill. Yeah, coffee and I broke up again. I’ve got nothing but love for it, but we’re on a break I guess. Honestly, it feels like coffee and I are just staying together for the kids. I’m still processing the loss so bear with me…

I decided to knock off this late night treadmill running and shift to early morning treadmill running. Either way it has to be treadmill running because it’s been POURING for DAYS here! The rain just will not stop. And then, to remind you it’s there, lightning will crack right above your house in the middle of the night like cannon fire and disrupt any recovery sleep you had planned. That’s been fun. This seems to be a wetter rainy season than last year. If I hadn’t bought a treadmill yet, this week alone would have had me looking at them. My husband will run in the rain here but he and I have different ideas on “lightning safety.” Also, it’s all well and good to run in the rain when you’re running 2 miles. When you have 8 miles of intervals or a 12 mile long run, it’s a whole ‘nuther story.

rained out trail

rained out (aka flooded) trail

But for the first time this week I don’t feel like passing out in that 2-4pm time frame. Is it because I no longer have the late day, post-coffee crash? Or is it because a morning run has wake-up benefits that last all day long? Maybe it’s just a fluke! But I’m going to keep going with this. It feels so good to know that, at the very least, you have your run done for the day! This is going to be pretty important once school starts back up this semester. I’m not sure how intervals will feel right when you roll out of bed though. But they don’t even start until I get a 2 mile warmup in so surely that will be plenty of wake up time??

Has everyone else figured out their marathon training plan? Do you end up doing your runs in the morning or at night? Anyone else struggle with a love-hate relationship (with coffee)?

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