Finished My Rain Checked Long Run

And I mean rain check in the most literal of ways. It has been pouring this past weekend in south Florida. We got a million inches of rain here. I’m grateful for it, considering the droughts elsewhere, but it doesn’t exactly support a marathon training plan.

Not only did it rain so much that there was no way I was running outside, but the unusual darkness outside really did a number on my psyche. I got all my gear on to run my 12 miles on the treadmill on Sunday but then stopped after a quarter mile. I just wasn’t into it. I figured maybe if I pushed it off til Monday the rain may let up in time for me to head out in the morning? Nope. Didn’t happen. So then I was facing an early 12 mile treadmill run on a Monday morning before work. My motivation was dropping by the second.


dark and rainy is not that inspiring, as it turns out







Cue the technical problems. My treadmill wasn’t streaming videos. I guess it was my connection but I couldn’t get it to work and I was facing a 2 hour run in a dark room ahead of me! I was panicked. Finally, after a million tries and reboots, I got it to work. I ended up watching Into The Woods, chosen solely on it being the exact length of my goal run time. And, wow… not exactly a light movie is it? Pretty dark in fact. Dark movie + dark rainy day was not what I had in mind for an inspiring assist to treadmill running.

And then I fell. Yep, this Monday was getting better and better every minute. I fell on the treadmill. But it wasn’t as gruesome as it could have been. I was tired. I was 3/4 way through my run and the pace felt tiring. I hadn’t had breakfast yet and I just felt beat. I decided that walking a lap was better than outright quitting. As I’m walking I lift my shirt over my head to wipe my drenched face off and BAM!!! Down on the treadmill!! LOL! It’s funny in retrospect. I only went down on one knee/shin and I had the safety cord on so it automatically (and quickly) shut off. Also, and most importantly, I didn’t hurt myself. But it was certainly a wake up call. I’ve been sloppy with my training lately as I try to get my head back in the game and this is the kind of thing that happens. I brushed myself off and went back to completing my run. There was a nice pink streak from the sole of my shoes on my treadmill. Not sure how that happened. Better than blood streaks from my face though! I’m definitely learning from this one, no worries!

Interestingly, of all the stories about my running that I tell friends and family, this is the one most interesting to everyone. Well that’s great. Glad I can provide you all with more of an action shot in my boring ol’ run stories! Maybe I’ll lose my leg to an alligator on the trail one day and really get your attention!


treadmill running vs alligator obstacles? which would you choose?

Here is the 6 foot alligator that was on a local trail this weekend – a trail that came highly recommended to me by someone recently. Apparently he’s been in the same spot for a few days. I guess he likes the rain? I’m one alligator sighting away from never running outside in Florida anymore, btw.

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