Types Of Runners – AKA Tiers Of Success

Top to bottom, in order of most successful runners to least successful runners:

1.  Elites with good attitudes
2.  Elites with bad attitudes
3.  Mortals who are killin it (with good attitudes)
4.  Mortals killin it (with bad attitudes)
5.  People at least getting out there to run – positive attitudes in tow
6.  People at least getting out there to run – dragging a funnel cloud of negativity with them
7.  People who don’t run at all
8.  People who don’t run at all and who are actively sabotaging their health on a daily basis

No, this is not a fun Enneagram personality test. These are my “deep thoughts” about where I fit into the running world right now. And what I came up with is that I’m a #6. And that means I’m only slightly more successful that people who don’t run at all or people who are, for instance, sitting around smoking meth all day (who also non runners, presumably). But I’m basically the lowest tier of all the runners out there. Because any runner with a great attitude is always going to top out other runners!

run happy

why? because otherwise it doesn’t count?! f u pal!






I didn’t do my 12 mile run today. I have legitimate reasons for not doing it and not-so-legitimate reasons. Gonna try to make it up tomorrow morning. Just not feeling great about my running lately, and my run attitude leaves a lot to be desired. Synopsis of negative thoughts:  Why am I not more excited about training right now? Is it because I feel I’m doing poorly? I won’t be fast enough come October. I’m so over running this week. Why did I sign up for more marathons anyway? Why have I decided to make marathons my “thing” when I was neck deep in grad school?! I’m not happy-excited about any upcoming long runs. Setting such high run/race goals for myself has all but guaranteed giant let-downs in my future.

But a #6 is better than nothing, isn’t it? There is still potential for upward mobility though, right? I figure the highest I can go is a #5 right now, but maybe one day, years from now, I can get top off at #3! That would be the year I Boston Qualify… you know, in this imaginary future, where I post pictures of flowers I find growing on the trails during my 20 mile runs at 7 min pace.

just run

ok… I can get behind this message.

Hope is still alive! And if hope is still alive, then I’m not really bogged down by bad attitude, am I? As my better half said, “Not all runs can be golden.” Ok pony boy, as if I’ve come home saying each and every run was awesome except this one!! (reference to Outsiders, not me name calling my better half!) The problem is that they haven’t been great! But I’m also just beating myself up about it instead of seeing the good side, like that I’m working hard to speed up on the marathon. If it was easy then I would have BQ’d on my first try or something. Anyway, baby steps folks! Starting with a 12 miler tomorrow with a slightly better-than-average attitude!

P.S.  My husband asked whether, according to the above scale, it meant that he was a better runner than I am since he has a way better attitude even though he runs less miles (I literally saw him running in the rain, SMILING, when I came home from work the other day). My answer was – yes. Yes… this makes you a better runner than me. Congrats, my love. You win.


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