Last Night, Intervals Won

Another boring marathon training post here today. This is why I blog, so I can talk about things like interval training and spare my friends and family from “boring” run stories. But the fact is that marathon training means loads and loads of stories like this and training days like this. All terribly interesting and relevant – to me myself and I only. :/ Running is solitary isn’t it?

Anyway, last night, I made a command decision to stop. I had done my 2 mile warmup, my 400 sprints with recovery (ugh), my Yasso 800 sprints with recovery (imagine having a heart attack while crying… that’s 800 sprints to me), and then another 400 sprint with recovery. This is all according to the Runner’s World Sub 4:00 training plan. What happened though is that I stopped halfway through my last 400. I felt like my calves were pulling, or that I was possibly  injuring myself. So I quit before doing my 2 mile cool down. I just stopped.

At the time I was 100% sure I did the right thing. My calves hurt so bad, I started to freak that I had really messed myself up. I worried that I’ve chosen too ambitious of a plan for the marathon. I worried that I’m overdoing it by jumping into 5 days a week running and that, specifically, I’ve done too many sprints this week. For instance, I wasn’t supposed to sprint on Tuesday but did hill sprints because I went to run team. All the run experts I follow on Twitter say to make sure you run easy when it says “RUN EASY.” I didn’t do that this week. I also ran fast on Wednesday night’s “3 easy” day. Whoops.

This morning I’m wondering if I was just too freaked out last night and quit when I shouldn’t have. I guess I do err on the side of caution most of the time. But I’m still 85% sure I did the right thing…. 75%?… I’m just scared I’ll do something to injure myself and be out of the race. I need to calm down about it and stick to my schedule with the easy runs.

Bart Yasso 800s

Side note – those “Yasso 800’s”…. they’re so hard! I haven’t sprinted like that in years! I thought the 400’s were rough and then they got easier the more I did them. I hope I get that way about the 800’s too. I don’t even want to see what next week’s intervals look like. At least I got the sprints in last night.

Luckily even Bart Yasso says doing intervals and sprints on a treadmill is ok. You can see him talk about it here. He says you just have to raise the incline, which I do, but that it’s fine to do your sprints on the treadmill. That’s lucky because I seem to be on the treadmill only these days. Yesterday it was raining after work and this whole weekend and early next week it’s supposed to be raining.

Super tired again now after running so late and not sleeping well because of it. Yet another thing I need to fix with my program. My better half pointed out to me that if I wanted to run well then I had to remember to sleep well and eat well. Ouch. Ok, first off, I knew that! Second, well it’s a bummer when someone has to mention that to you. Not that I’m eating horrible. It’s just my timing is completely off so when it’s time to do sprints I don’t have any energy and I’m starving because it’s been too long from my last meal. I’m all over the place. And my sleep is all jacked because of my weird eating and pushing off my runs til late at night.

How’s everyone’s marathon training going? Who is running an early fall race like Chicago, Marine Corps, or New York?


still haven’t had any coffee this morning…




4 responses to “Last Night, Intervals Won

  1. It sounds like you are really pushing yourself and that you were 100% right to stop mid-way last night. I think the biggests mistakes runners make is not listening to their bodies and pushing themselves too hard. I hear/read about it constantly. Take care of yourself and good luck with training.


    • Thanks. But all I can think of right now is how few miles I’m going to have this week because I missed my cool down miles and I took another day off to recover. 😦 But you all are right, best not to risk it.


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