The Art Of Keeping Run Promises To Yourself

I wish I had a healthier and steadier mentality about training. My race buddy sets goals and then makes them happen and it’s as easy, predictable, and uneventful as the sun rising and setting. She’s running right now at lunch as I write this. Those are the stories you find in health and run magazines most times. “Set a goal and honor your goal” they say. End of story. I can’t often relate to that.

Run Fat Boy Run

I’m the Simon Pegg to my friend’s Hank Azaria






Last night, after work, I didn’t want to run so I sat down and wrote how I didn’t feel like it but I was still going to do it! I was determined! I was going to honor the run schedule! Some people may slack off but not THIS person!! Oh yeah, I’m on FIRE!!! …. and then I wasn’t. I sunk into the couch. I had dinner with the spouse, all the while saying how I didn’t want to run and I could just make it up later in the week and still have 30 miles and, boo hoo, I just wasn’t up to it tonight! My spouse, to his immense credit, always listens to these long sob stories and sympathizes and agrees with every absurd and whiny point I ever make. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

We sat down to a late dinner. Not even a healthy dinner. I ate popcorn (or was it butter with a bit of popcorn sprinkled in?). And then we watched TV, cuz why not? Let’s be full-on lazy here! It’s not like I announced to my run team my crazy ambitious marathon time goal this week or anything! …. Except, oops, I did do that. I’m still trying to interpret everyone’s stunned silence (disbelief? awed, but silent, encouragement? annoyance at the chick with runner’s Tourette’s?…). Soooo, what exactly was I doing sitting here with popcorn in front of the TV??

At around 10pm we’re heading to sleep. But then, instead of putting on my pjs, I grab some run socks… and a run shirt… and some shorts… all of a sudden I couldn’t not run. Not after I just wrote that I was going to run tonight! Not when my run schedule says to run on this day specifically! And certainly not because I had some random boo hoo “too tired, don’t want to!” reason! I was upset at myself for my behavior and didn’t want to spend the whole next day just as upset.

Run Fat Boy Run

I did it! I ran! That was, what, 13 miles? oh, just 3…








Ok, long story still long (sorry), I got on the treadmill at 10pm and ran my “3 easy miles” that I was supposed to do. My husband thought I was nuts. But it turned out to be a great run. This was in large part to my Nordictrack TV monitor, my Apple TV pumping in the Smithsonian Channel’s Aeriel View of America (It was like I was actually there running Big Sur) and a new and improved iPod playlist (I can’t stop listening to Omi’s – Cheerleader). It wasn’t just a great run, it was a fun run! Somehow I tapped into what I needed to pump myself up and get myself running last night.

Run Fat Boy Run

I’m glad my run partners are predictably awesome & consistently dedicated … not like me & Simon here

Today? I’m drinking a lot of coffee. A LOT of coffee. And today I have intervals with an 8 mile run. Fun times. Gonna need even more coffee I think. Clean eating starts next week.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to get your run in? Is it easy for you to do all your weekly runs or do you struggle? What do you most struggle with in order to stick to your run plan?

2 responses to “The Art Of Keeping Run Promises To Yourself

  1. I love this story because it is so relatable! I’m good about sticking to my running plans when I’m home (there is a gym in the lobby of my office which helps), but I’m awful on the road. If I don’t get the run in before work, it’s not happening. I can tell myself I’m going to do it after work, but then my colleagues start making dinner plans, and my running plans are out the window.


    • Running while on the road does not sound fun. If you can’t get outside where you are, you have to deal with a random assortment of hotel treadmill options. And if my choices are dinner plans with colleagues or a run, eek, it would be so hard to choose to go run. It just goes back to how mental running is. If you can wipe your mind clean of the “this isn’t ideal, so I’m not running” mentality, you can do anything… supposedly. But that’s my biggest problem/hurdle so I’m not always winning that struggle.


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