If You Want To Start Running More, Sign Up For A Marathon

I don’t feel like running tonight. I’m tired. It’s been a long day. I ran hill sprints yesterday. I just want to sit on my arse tonight and, I dunno, read a book. I want to do the least amount of work possible after a long day of work. But guess what? I can’t. Because I have a marathon in 94 days. And I’m not stupid enough to just show up to it without having all my homework checked off for these 94 days.

And this is why I signed up for the marathon in the first place isn’t it? Last year I knew that if I kept running halfs, I would probably never do much training and would just show up on race day and run. I’m lazy like that. Or at least my default is lazy like that. The devil on my shoulder is a lazy, soda-guzzling non-runner who tells me to relax because, duh, I’ve earned it! The angel on my shoulder is an ultra-runner who harasses, stalks, and threatens me if I don’t run, or even if I don’t run well. There’s no pleasing that guy!

Kronk's shoulder devil

… down this path there is coca cola and chips






Anyway, I’m running tonight, treamill-ing it up, and ONLY because I have this marathon in the books. And I’m running because my run schedule says 30 miles this week. If it says 30 miles then I’m doing 30 miles damnit. This is Week #3 of the #RWChallenge (now called Runner’s World VIP) and the first 2 weeks were a bunch of scratches and cross-outs and arrows and stars and all sorts of markings that show that I didn’t follow the plan exactly to the letter. It’s ok to switch runs around but I don’t want to make it a habit. I mean, I’m switching intervals to tomorrow because I found myself doing run team hill sprints yesterday when it was supposed to be an easy day… but what I mean is that I’m trying to follow the plan like it’s supposed to be followed so I don’t have to second guess myself or risk injury or not getting miles in by the end of the week.

So for all of you out there who are saying to yourself “I wish I ran more” or “I should run more” or “I should start running again” – SIGN UP FOR A MARATHON!!! Or sign up for a half even! It will get you out the door like none other! If you ask yourself, “Do I want to go to the gym tonight? Do I want to run tonight?“, most of the time your answer to yourself is going to be “NO!!” But with a race on the horizon, how can you NOT go out and run or get to a treadmill and run? Nobody wants to do awful on race day, or feel like crap on race day, so you’ll get out and run! Races – the ultimate motivator!

I’m going to do a reverse test of this theory next year when I sign up for ZERO marathons and count how many less days I run during the year. :/

Kronk's shoulder devil

I still, reluctantly, go with my ultra-running angel most times

7 responses to “If You Want To Start Running More, Sign Up For A Marathon

  1. I didn’t feel like running today either.. I felt lazy, but my mind kept saying. “I love running” please go.! and so I did..
    but good point.. I should sign up for a Full (someday) maybe that’s how I’ll finally be able to reach my 50 mile a week goal.. maybe.

    I think your little devil on your shoulder is friends with my little devil on my shoulder, because they are too much alike.


    • I thought you were going to sign up for the full! Didn’t you say you wanted to BQ? Your times are amazing! You should totally sign up! And yeah, that devil on the shoulder is the worst! I swear he was going to win tonight but I got my run in!


      • I am..but it’s so far away that it feels like forever. May 2016. lol


  2. P.S I’m super jealous that you’re running Marine Corps. Marathon.. idk why but I’ve been kind of obsessed with the idea of running it lately. Bucket List race for sure.!! I’ll have to read your recap when it comes around 🙂


    • The MCM is the BEST! I’m not bias here. It’s better than all the rest! If you get a chance, definitely sign up for this one. Plus, they say it’s the #1 marathon for first time marathoners. So you’ll feel good making this your first. And the course is beautiful and the city is so much fun!

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    • That makes me feel better! I can’t interpret my scratches either! I’m like, wait, do X’s mean I DID the run or DIDN’T do the run? What does a check mean? What does this horizontal/vertical/diagonal line mean??! I’m going back to my Believe Journal so I can actually write down what happened in words!


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