How To Hide From Summer Marathon Training

I didn’t do an outside run for Sunday’s long run. I did my 10  miles on my treadmill, where I enjoyed air conditioning and a preset pace. I also watched some shows on the tv monitor and enjoyed a nice coke and some chips while I finished my run.

Just kidding. I didn’t eat chips and drink coke on my run. But everything else is true. It was lazy running at its finest. My plan had been to go meet my run team for a 6am run across town. But I decided late Saturday night that I didn’t want to. The run team thing isn’t going well. Last year there were a lot of people training for marathons and this year there aren’t. Or the few people showing up to train are much much older (70’s) and are doing a run-walk type of thing. It ends up being only myself out there pacing alone for distance training. And I can run alone by my house. I’m not sure run team is going to help me through this year’s marathon training and I’m kind of bummed about it.

So I’m working through that and having to change mental directions and change what I imagined this year’s training was going to be. It’s not all bad, but I’m still processing it. Running is so mental after all. But then there’s my blahs about Florida outdoor running that I’m dealing with. It’s not too serious, but after I got back from running up north, I’ve been on this petulant kick where if I can’t run the trails of NOVA/DC then I refuse to run outside at all! It’s soooo mature. Yeah, I’m really proud of myself here. :/ I know it’s just a moment I have to get over, but it’s been hard. And I’ve been hiding out on my treadmill, zoning out to tv shows ever since.

run route

no Netflix screen here? yeah that’s not going to work for me.


Here is the full list of excuses I just told a friend as to why I want to train for my marathon entirely on my treadmill now:

–  I trained for the Army 10 Miler once entirely on a treadmill and PR’d in the low 8’s. (I also lived in FL at the time… see a trend here?).

–  My husband’s and my work schedules don’t make outside running easy or even possible at times.

–  Why bother train outside in Florida heat and humidity if my marathon is going to be in a cold, dry place? What am I getting out of running outside here? Nothing to apply to race day!

–  I don’t feel like running today at all… but I will if I can just zone out to a show or something.

–  I don’t feel like pushing my pace by myself… but the treadmill will push it for me. (lazy much?)

–  Every palm tree I see reminds me I’m not on a trail in Virginia/DC. (ok, I just made this up just now, it’s not a real reason and it’s silly… but also kinda true).

Virginia trail running

only a week ago I was here…




Full disclosure here…. I recently saw on Instagram someone post a video of their run club in DC, early one day on the weekend, all standing in a group on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, what looked to be at least 50 people, all jumping up and down getting pumped up before their long run…. and I was really jealous/impressed/bummed/envious/depressed. The funny thing is that I never joined a run group when I lived in the city. But now I want one? Yes. So here’s how I’m handling it. I’m going to throw myself a raging pity party on my treadmill for a little while. Not sure when this rager will end but I know I’ll eventually get over it. The good news is that I’m still getting 4-5 days of running done, which is way more than last year. Hey, if I PR, what does it matter how I got there?

Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial – aka awesome weekend run club meet-up!


Anyone else having your training not go how you thought it would? Anyone else hitting the treadmill to get away from summer heat?

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