Time To Pay The Piper

It was fun while it lasted, but now it’s time to pay the piper… not with my children, but with my pain.

Did I expect to feel great after taking a week off of healthy eating, sleeping well and otherwise sticking to the plan? I don’t know what I expected. I was too busy having FUN. I spent half the past 8 days on runcation and the other half back home, still having fun! But I never stopped running. I ran the entire time away and ran like I was supposed to when I got back. But the other stuff, the stuff like ITB stretching?… cross training?… running outside to get used to hot, humid Florida summer (aka getting off the treadmill)?… core work?… eating non-toxic foods?… yeah, I didn’t stick with the plan on that stuff. In my head I was still on runcation!!! Running only!! I’d get back to the other stuff “tomorrow.”

Only it IS tomorrow now! Well, tomorrow is tomorrow. Tomorrow is Sunday and I have 10 miles to run and I feel like shit right now. My whole body hates me. And that’s why tomorrow I will have to pay. I’m going to have to suffer through 10 miles with air that feels like you’re chewing/swimming through it. I’m going to probably throw up from the, ahem, *cough* junk food I’ve been eating the past few nights. I can’t even explain it. I was better on runcation than I’ve been since I got back! I think getting back to the grind after vacation makes you want to “just get through it” and all of a sudden you’re making a pact with the coffee devil for your soul. Yeah, coffee… the thing I’ve been drinking by the gallon every day. Another reason I feel sick. Another reason tomorrow I will pay with each step I take. The acidity in coffee and the overall blech of junk food in my system is not good at all.

pied piper

put it on my tab?

Well, I can only go up from here!! And the good news is that I know what works! Sure, I’ll feel awful tomorrow when I have to pay the piper but I at least know that, as soon as I clean up my diet and get back to stretching and cross training, I will be golden again! I felt so good in DC because I had been on the straight and narrow marathon training plan. Word of warning to everyone, it only takes a week to reverse all those amazing feelings you get with clean eating and clean living. I need to remember this come the holidays, before the Disney Marathon.

And it’s not like I was just eating crap the whole time! It’s just that I wasn’t smart about what I was doing. I was doing things like having these enormous salads an hour before I was scheduled to be doing a sprint session or a tempo run. Stupid! Of course I then felt like I couldn’t do it! It’s so important to time meals and to eat certain things on certain days (and refrain on others) if you want to have a good run or workout. And if you don’t eat well you don’t sleep well. I had been getting up every morning early with no problem at all, when I was clean eating. Now? Every morning I was getting up in a wicked mood and promising myself 5 coffees before 9am.

pied piper

yeah yeah, time to pay up

I screwed up. I know. This is me admitting it, paying for it, and fixing it. I’m not happy about it but hopefully soon I will be. Right now I just want a Coke. :/


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