Holiday Weekend Running… On The Treadmill

Holiday weekend, Florida sunshine, beach life, annnnnd treadmill running. To quote some retro Sesame Street, “One of these things is not like the others… One of these things just doesn’t belong…

Hey, sometimes even on holiday weekends you don’t have the time or ability to get outside for a run. As with any holiday weekend, some people have visitors, some people are the visitors themselves, some people are working the holiday, some people have sick kids or are single parents… the list goes on and on for why it’s hard to run outside or even find the time to run on a beautiful holiday weekend at all. I always feel that any time I get a run in I am very fortunate, even if it’s on a treadmill.

retro Sesame Street

back when Sesame Street was awesome… and no, this doesn’t date me at all





All my runs this weekend will have to be on the treadmill – a tempo run, a short shakeout run, and a long run. I personally see this weekend as getting my money’s worth out of my treadmill purchase. I still love my Nordictrack 2450! It’s the most worthwhile fitness purchase I’ve ever made. It took years and years to be able to get one but I’m glad it lived up to how much I was hyping it in my mind as a savior to all my run problems. You definitely first have to have the motivation to run. But if you have that, then having a treadmill (or this particular treadmill at least) is so worth it!

Other good news from my Day 1 of my 3-day holiday treadmill running is that my pace has improved a lot! Yay! I was so slow before with my Altras and trying to get used to them. Plus I wasn’t eating right or training right. Now I’m starting to reap the rewards of figuring out my shoes (going back to Asics) and eating right (ahem… well now I am, after a week of pre-holiday, off-plan eating with out-of-town visitors). This is what I’ve been waiting for. Of course I want my pace to be faster so that my marathon PR is faster but, outside of that, I just wanted to be faster so that these weekly tempo runs are over faster!

indoor treadmill

not all indoor treadmill running is bad, eh?




There’s a big difference, mentally, in your tempo runs being 50 minutes during the week vs 70 minutes. There’s something about shaving just 20 minutes off one day’s run time that makes it seem like you can fit it into your schedule better. Anything under 60 minutes seems doable. After that magic hour mark, you start thinking you don’t have time for it. Again, it’s all mental! So much of running is, after all.

I didn’t do many tempo runs last year, admittedly. If it said 7 mile tempo run, I would either drag my tail over 7 long, slow miles or I’d skip it altogether. Runner’s World has a lot of information on good tempo running, but it was interesting to read (here) that you should be running at what feels like an 8 on a 1-10 scale. Tempo runs, along with hellish sprints, are what are going to take me to my PR this year. And I like running tempo much better than sprints.

Another bene from this weekend, if I get all my scheduled runs in, I will have successfully salvaged my total run miles for the week. Well… most of them. It will be a respectable number for an off-week where my schedule was affected by several things. That’s good enough for me! When I was in the clutches of brownies and visitors this past week I did not think this was possible.

Runner's World

an Oreo cookie? so track workouts are like cinnamon rolls, going around and around? gotcha.







What are your holiday weekend run plans? Are you running more than normal or less than normal because of the holiday?

5 responses to “Holiday Weekend Running… On The Treadmill

    • At least you’re still doing it! It’s seems like on holiday weekends that you’ll have more time (and desire) to do everything but that never seems to be the case. Good luck on your July 5th run!


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