Perfect Storm Challenge & Florida Storm Series Bundle

For anyone who’s interested, Florida racing is having a big July 2015 promotion for their Florida Storm Series. The Florida Storm Series is a challenge where you run 3, 4 or 5 of the November through March half marathons and/or marathons in south Florida and you get an additional storm series medal on top of each of your race medals. You have to sign up for at least 3 of the 5 races in order to participate. Now, this year, they are also adding another challenge called the Perfect Storm Challenge where participants run in all 7 of the south Florida races, totaling 101 miles!

Florida Storm Series

Florida Storm Series







The bundle prices look pretty good this year. It’s only available for the month of July and then the prices go back to what they were before. If you’re into a lot of fancy medals, this is your challenge. But, let me tell you, this challenge favors the southeast Florida resident. Six out of the 7 races are on the southeast coast of Florida with only one, Sarasota, being on the west coast. So while the bundle prices are good, you have to consider whether the hotel prices will also be good during the winter season down here. Usually they aren’t, but I’ve found a lot of good last minute deals at the same time. You just never know. But, if you’re coming in from out-of-state, go ahead and add higher airline costs too due to season prices.

storm series bundle

storm series bundle prices

One of these years I’m going to try this challenge but I’m not sure it will be this year. I vowed to scale back on my race commitments. Plus I figure if you’re going to do the storm series challenge, you might as well go big and get all 5 of the races… or now all 7. Were too many people thinking that 5 marathons and half marathons in 5 months was too easy so they needed to up the ante? Apparently. Because every year I end up standing in line at the Miami expo or at the start line in Sarasota and someone is always talking to me about this being their millionth year of the storm series challenge.

Has anyone signed up for this year’s Florida Storm Series? Anyone thinking about doing the Perfect Storm Challenge? Anyone else just think it’s just something crazy Floridians think up after hurricane season is over and because they don’t have snow to distract them all winter long? 🙂

Florida Storm Series medals

Florida Storm Series medals

4 responses to “Perfect Storm Challenge & Florida Storm Series Bundle

    • I have to remember that. I tend to want to be on my down time Nov-Mar when the rest of the country is too. I think it’s all mental? Holidays, pictures of snow on news & TV… I’m more motivated in the summertime. But the winter is the definitely the best time for running down here.

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  1. Hi @ishouldrun, Great article. How did you hear about this promotion? My wife and I are planning to run the five (or 7) races, WPB we want to do the full marathon. Should I be checking the Miami Marathon web page frequently? Thanks!!!


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