Cappuccino-Powered Treadmill Running

Sometimes the end justifies the means. Today I needed to run 8 miles and I was going to do everything it took to get that done!! (this is not a very interesting story, it just means I drank coffee this morning)

Standard running wisdom went out the window today. Get up early to run outside before the heat? Nope. Don’t pound cappuccinos before a distance run? Ha! Slower, steady pacing for your weekly long run? Um, see my last about the cappuccinos. Practice good form, even when you’re tired! Form shmorm. And train mostly outside to simulate race-day conditions. Sorry, not happening this week.

I'm an albatraoz

I’m a treadmill albatraoz!




Here’s where I blame my own lack of commitment and dedication on other people… Look, if there’s a way to explain to non-running house guests that you have to go to sleep super early in order to get up super early for a long run… I don’t know it. I went to sleep late and then slept in late. When we all finally woke up this morning, I wasn’t about to pass up the cappuccinos being handed out. Do I want another one? Sure! A double? Awww, I really shouldn’t… but OK!

But guess what? I got my 8 mile run in! And I got it done fast (for me). I ran at my half marathon race pace and it felt great! We’ll see how I feel tomorrow though. I know it was the cappuccinos but I’m too grateful to feel bad about that! I’m tired of running so slow. It takes forever to finish runs! On the other hand, I know there’s a reason for some runs to be slow and others to be fast. I’m totally taking advantage of the fact that I’m not on my Runner’s World Challenge plan yet (not until July 6th) so there’s no notation attached to each run yet like “Run this long run at 2 minutes slower per mile than race pace…” or something like that.

The real lesson of the day though is – do not underestimate the supernatural power of caffeine when it comes to marathon training. I look back at all those days I didn’t run because I was tired or wasn’t up to it and I’m like, why didn’t I have some coffee?! I’ll tell you why – I was trying to detox off of coffee and acidic/inflammatory foods and drinks. In general, that’s a good thing. But it’s not good if I’m missing runs! If a well-placed cappuccino gives me the bump I need to crank out a run, I’m absolutely going to do it!

Also, do not underestimate the power of a great playlist! I was still having trouble with streaming movies and tv on my treadmill monitor (it eventually got sorted) so I was watching this video on loop on VEVO. It really never gets old. Ok, maybe it’s old now after an 8 mile run, but my point is that everyone should have a playlist titled “Play These Songs In Case Of Emergency Or Extreme Laziness!!” Every month I have a particular song that forces me to get my feet moving until my mind can wrap itself around a particular run.

What’s your favorite or flavor-of-the-month song to get you moving at the beginning of a run? What’s your “Break In Case Of Emergency” song to force you to do your sprints/hills/pacing?


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