Running Haiku

Haven’t run this week

What October marathon

Blame the M&Ms

hippie minstrel

peace & love & NO running







That about sums it up. I’m just kidding with the haiku. It’s ridiculous – to mark the ridiculousness of me NOT running this week! I don’t even know what happened. The week flew by and I kept saying, “Oh, I’ll just push it off a day…” Before I knew it, it was Friday! I got my act together and got on the treadmill at the end of the day Friday, ran a mile while waiting for the monitor to bring up Netflix or Hulu or even a movie in my library… NOTHING! I don’t know why. There was a massive thunderstorm (which is why I was running inside) and maybe that was the reason. But I didn’t have my iPod charged either. I gave up. I needed a crutch and I didn’t have one so I quit…. Hallmark of a great runner here folks! Oh yeah, and my foot hurt. It was this random nerve pain. That was the last straw.

The plan for today is to get a 5 miler in and then tomorrow get my 8 miler done (this is all largely dependent on thunderstorms and video streaming issues). That leaves me another 9 miler next weekend and then a 10 miler right before I head up to DC to do my runcation. My friend up in DC said she is not going to run 10 miles in DC with me so I have to get that training run in before I go. Then maybe we’ll do a shorter run (5-6?) on Saturday in the city. The way it’s been raining there, maybe it’s good to get a sure thing run in here before I leave anyway.

My other plan is to do my miles each week! This is the rut I get into. I procrastinate all week and then in a panic I do my long run only. I’m supposed to be hitting around 25 miles per week, minimum, in the beginning. And then it goes up pretty sharply from there. So this week of running only ONE mile, yeah, that’s not going to cut it.

In other slightly related news, I completed my 21 day elimination cleanse/diet last week. I felt amazing! It’s a long story, filled with painfully watching other people eat cream cheese bagels while I refrained, but the results were beyond my expectation. But as soon as the 21 days were over, I pretty much didn’t have a plan. That’s when junk food knocked on my door and I said, sure! Come on in! Basically we are in the middle of a 2-week period of out-of- town visitors right now. The elimination plan has gone out the window and M&Ms (and movie popcorn, and sodas, and a million other randoms) have entered back into my life in a big way. Running has been out. I’m trying to get back on plan but when someone is sitting in front of you having a bacon-filled, chocolate covered croissant… it’s not easy to remember why you run and eat clean. Oh, you all are going to hang out and relax and eat cookies? No no, I don’t want to do that with you. I’d rather go for an hour long run in the heat! Yeah, don’t worry about me. Marathon training is actually just as fun as sitting down relaxing and eating cookies!


don’t go run! stay here with us, man!

Note to self:  GET IT TOGETHER!!! These runs are no longer “optional!!” There is a marathon at the end of this!! 26 miles! NOT 26 cookies!!


6 responses to “Running Haiku

  1. hahah. omg this is funny.
    Yea, I would have MUCH rather ate 10 cookies this morning instead of running 10 miles.! the heat and humidity. aughh.
    Like your blog is called “ishouldrun” yes, you should run. let the pain of 26.2 miles motivate you. ha

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    • Yes, ishouldrun! ha! It’s awful how easily I can get derailed and distracted. Getting your 10 miles over with in the morning is the best way to do it! The longer I wait, the more excuses I pile up on my plate with my cookies. Thanks for the encouragement! 26 miles is no joke!

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  2. I could totally get behind a marathon of 26 cookies! Sorry you didn’t get your miles in last week. I managed to get my all my training runs in but my diet turned to crap which then made the runs feel harder, ugh. Good luck with your running this weekend!


    • I agree! When your diet is awful, the running feels that much harder. The last 3 weeks my diet was golden and my running felt amazing! It’s not fair is it? Why can’t great running be fueled on coffee doughnuts & sodas? 😉


  3. That is exactly why I gave myself an extra week or two of grace in my training and started early! I’m sure I will run into one of those kind of weeks too…I always end up wanting to skip my weekly runs and just do the long runs. Not smart. I’m trying to avoid that this go round! I’m part of a running group that meets on Saturday mornings if you want to get your run in with us while you’re in DC!


    • That extra week is such a good idea. I didn’t factor for anything like that. I guess I’m hoping I can catch up now! Thanks for the run team offer/idea!! I may take you up on that!


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