Ran Today, Then Ran INTO My Coach

Instead of starting back easy after this nearly 2 weeks off running, I went out and ran a 5 miler this morning. I just wanted to make sure I could still do even middle distances. My IT band felt fine. Random other things were off but I don’t even care. I’m just glad my fitness was intact and the band didn’t knock me out. It’s sore now but sore I can deal with.

It’s definitely getting hotter and more humid. It’s starting to rain every day here (massive thunderstorms where the skies open up – aka Florida rainy season) so scheduling a run is getting tricky. I’m all about going in the mornings but run team runs in the late afternoons, basically when everyone gets off work and can meet up. It doesn’t feel that hot to me yet though. That’s because I know that August is the real terror month.

I decided to go pay my dues for another year with run team today. Or maybe I was going to go and ask who was running this year and what was going on with the group before I decided. Only it didn’t work that way. I show up to the group center and my coach walks in too! He said it was a sign that I should get on the program again. I told him, yes, I think it is. SoI signed up and, of course, as it ALWAYS happens when I recommit to run team, he tells me the first run this week is hill training. I swear, I know what days to start! But hey, it keeps it interesting.

Then he asked what mileage I was starting at. He said the rest of the group was at about 12-14 for the long run now. Me: uhhhh…. 6 miles? Yeah, embarrassing but I did explain my knee issue. I think he thinks I’m not serious but, no, I am. Hopefully it won’t take me very long to close the distance though. I’m excited. I think it’s going to be another great summer of running. I told him my marathon goals. He is never surprised or negative about anyone’s goals. I could walk in there and say, “Yeah, I’m thinking I’d like to be in the 3:25-3:30 range…” and he’s be like, “Cool. You can totally do that.” HA! I mean, it’s good someone completely believes in you but at this rate he should have laughed at me for even saying 4:30!

hill training

now THIS would be a great hill to run! sadly, we run road overpasses here in soflo

6 responses to “Ran Today, Then Ran INTO My Coach

  1. Way to go on your run and for signing up again! It’s hard to commit to group running sometimes. I just signed up for half marathon training. We start first week in July. Our area is really hilly so every run is a hill run. :/


    • Thanks! That’s exactly how I feel. It’s hard to commit to anything that’s not work or family because of how hectic everything gets. Congrats on signing up for half marathon training! That’s the best distance! You’re lucky that you have hills where you live because you’re going to do great on race day from all the training! These overpasses here are so mild that it’s just silly we call it hill training.

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  2. So glad to hear the ITB isn’t keeping you sidelined any longer! It was good to hear your perspective on the heat. I know it’s probably hotter and more humid in Florida than it is in Atlanta, yet I’ve been wimpy about the heat lately. You’re right, the hottest is yet to come! I’ve got to change my attitude 🙂


    • Thanks about the ITB. I know you know how annoying it is to wait out an injury. 😦 And I think the coast of south Florida might be cooler than Atlanta! Atlanta is so scorching hot! (from what I see on weather app). Down here there are so many thunderstorms in the afternoon that it cools it down a lot and then the evenings aren’t too bad…. yet!


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