The Best Brand of Sunglasses For Running – Tifosi

Hello, all! Back with another review while I wait out my knee inflammation.

If you’re looking for a great pair of sunglasses for running, check out Tifosi. They have a huge selection of sunglasses and the prices are pretty reasonable. I bought the Tifosi Vogel a couple years ago and they look brand new, even after a lot of sweat, dirt, sunscreen, and throwing them in my car after 20 mile runs. They really hold up. Unfortunately, the Tifosi Vogels have been discontinued, but the closest newer model seems to be the Tifosi Podiums or Tifosi Podium XC. It doesn’t have as thin of an arm that the Vogel did, but that slightly thicker arm might add some additional shield from the sun on the sides. There are several similar frameless models of sunglasses at Tifosi so it’s all about personal preference.

Tifosi Vogel

Tifosi Vogel








Tifosi Vogel

Tifosi Vogel








I also chose the “smoke” lens with a 15.4% L.T., or “light transmission.” You can read all about light transmission here at Tifosi. It’s pretty interesting stuff. At the time, though, I chose “smoke” because I didn’t want a lens that was so dark that I couldn’t begin a 5am run in them where I couldn’t see at all. I needed an all-purpose lens and I figured this would work. Now when I see all the lens options out there, I want to try them all!

Tifosi Podium

Tifosi Podium




light transmission

these are just a few lens options at Tifosi






Another thing the Tifosi sunglasses do well is stay in place. I needed a pair of running sunglasses that would not slide down my face when I became drenched in sweat from over 100 degree heat and humidity, or for when the inevitable rain storm comes up (fall marathon training in soflo also means training during the rain/hurricane season). I have never had a problem with my Tifosi glasses falling off or even moving a centimeter from where I position them on my face. I’m a very OCD particular runner so when I put my sunglasses on I don’t want them to move from the EXACT position I put them in. The Tifosi is perfect for that.

I also wanted sunglasses that did not obstruct my field of vision. That’s just a personal preference but I hate when lenses have a frame because it interrupts and obstructs my view. Hey, my sweat and sunscreen are already obstructing my view half the time! I don’t need dark frames adding to that. The frameless Tifosi Vogel, or Podiums & Podium XC, have that frameless, easy viewing design that lets you forget you’re wearing glasses. I don’t wear glasses in my daily life so every time I put running sunglasses on it’s an annoyance that I’m not used to. These glasses make it the least amount of annoyance possible.

Tifosi Podium XC

Tifosi Podium XC










And light! It goes without saying but running sunglasses should be lightweight so that, ideally, you can forget you’re even wearing them. Maybe it’s not a big deal to some people but I start getting mentally weighed down by all the gear you have to run with when you end up doing distance running. Run watch, ID band, hydration pack, keys, cell phone, iPod, earphones… sunglasses. So I don’t just want “ok” sunglasses. I want to absolutely forget I have them on and am hauling them 20+ miles on a blazing hot run in August. Again, Tifosi is so great that you just forget about them. I think that’s the best compliment you can give a pair of run sunglasses.

Hope this helps with sunglasses in your summer running! If you have a lot of trees and shade on your runs, you could probably get by without dealing with sunglasses, but in south Florida it’s just concrete, sand, and sun! And the palm trees do nothing for shade. Check out the Tifosi Podiums and Podium XCs if you get a chance! Or if you find the Vogels somewhere, grab them up!

Tifosi Vogel

Tifosi Vogel – back

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