Turns Out I’m In The Wrong Shoes

I think I figured out why my IT band is inflamed and painful lately. My brand new wonderful Altras might not be so wonderful after all.

My better half started doing research for me on ITBS because he knew how bummed I was. Through a process of elimination, we determined that I was not getting enough inside pronation support with my Altras. Research said that if you turn inward too much, and do it over so many miles (i.e. marathon training), that it can cause pain and inflammation in your IT band. It’s the only thing that’s different in my training and in my gear. It makes sense.

It’s depressing because I’ve wasted so much time in these shoes already. Not only did I have to drop back to half the mileage I was doing to get used to these flats with the Altra Provision, but now I have to wait out this injury before I can even get back to my Asics. Months and months of training gone. I really can’t think about it too much or I get upset. Instead, I have to look forward and adjust for the cards I hold now. In the “plus” column, I still have all the knowledge from last year’s marathons and I have the determination to not skip any runs this year. Even though I will be starting late to the program, I still believe I can PR a significant amount.


at least we had that one last run into the sunset, Altra








Also, I have my Plan B of the Disney World Marathon. If I don’t get to the place I want to be for Marine Corps Marathon (Plan A is to score a huge PR at MCM and use Disney as my “relax & enjoy” marathon), then I have 11 more weeks to add onto that MCM fitness and PR at Disney big instead. I think I’ll PR at MCM regardless, but my plan was to get a BIG PR. My time was so slow last year that PR’ing by a couple minutes would not make me happy this year.

Ok, going back to my more negative outlook… I’M SO PISSED!!!!!! I can’t believe this happened!!! I thought I was doing the right thing by not scrunching up my toes with a tighter run shoe!! Turns out it was a gamble that didn’t work. I go back and forth between being pissed off to not even believing this happened. All these wasted weekends when I could have been getting into some serious long runs!!! ARGHHHHH!!!!!

Okaaaaay… going to try to look up from here. I figure even if I have to take 2 weeks off, I still have 3 Sunday long runs to build before I start my program on July 6th. Hopefully it’s not more than 2 weeks, but if it is, I can adjust. Even if it’s a month. I can make it work (please no). Assuming my IT band gets better and going back to the old shoes helps, this should still be plenty of time. In the meantime, I am keeping up with my diet plan to reduce inflammation and I feel pretty good.

Coming up next:  I’ll spend my weeks of rehab reviewing all my marathon gear that I never got around to before. That’s one thing in my favor going into this year’s marathon season. I don’t have to experiment with all the other equipment anymore and know exactly which watch, sunglasses, sunscreen, water pack, and fuel work! Positive thoughts!


returning to what works – Asics GT-2000

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