Monday Running – Fake It Til You Make It

I’m pretending my knee doesn’t hurt. I’m pretending I don’t want to sit here and sprinkle crushed up Motrin into cup after cup of coffee. And I’m pretending I will do all my scheduled miles for the day, as well as the ones I missed from yesterday.

I’m always glad to read blogs where people talk about their race day and how well they did and how it worked because of day after day, month after month of hard work. I realize that that’s all this is – I’m in the middle of the “lots of hard work” part right now. But I’m a bit frustrated as I look at this week and already mentally start changing numbers and days and switching stuff up instead of going, verbatim, by the plan.

The weekend was ok. I ran 3 instead of 1 mile on Saturday. But then I only ran 3 Sunday instead of 7. I may make it up today but my knee will let me know about that. It’s frustrating to not do my long run days like I need to, but I’m at least succeeding at building up my weekly mileage totals.

And it’s Monday. But it’s not only just Monday. It’s Monday #1 (of 3). Yep, my friends and I are adding another challenge onto the pile. It’s not a big deal but it’s related to running, for me at least. We’re doing the elimination diet again. I’ve done it in the past for 7 days, 21 days, and it’s always helped.  My knee and IT Band are hurting. And my energy level is not what it should be lately. I’m pretty sure that has to do with what I’m eating and not eating. So the plan is to eliminate all this “toxic” stuff and kind of go the natural way to get our bodies to feel better again. I’ll do almost anything to make myself feel better right now so I can get through my other challenge of running better and PR’ing in the marathon.


Kombucha instead of coffee

This morning I’m starting out with a ginger kombucha instead of coffee. How is it that when I was at my fastest back in the day I would have 2 doughnuts and coffee for breakfast?! I guess that’s what you can do in your 20’s v. 30’s. Hey, I’m not saying this is how things have to be done to be a better runner. This is just what works for me. I have been falling into the old trap of doing my miles but not doing all the “little things” that really bring your running together (stretching, eating right, sleeping well) like Meb always talks about. Although in his book he says that they are not “little things” at all but serious components of a run plan. I hear ya, Meb!

Well that’s the plan for now. Keep on keepin on. Fake it til I make it. That part is going to be about the fun fun zero-coffee diet plan. But it might also be about keeping up with this #RWRunStreak. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate that challenge! I’m happy I found it! But my knee isn’t happy right now and that’s my fault. Here’s to another week of gradual changes and slow and steady progress.

coffee & doughnuts

this is pretty much my favorite kind of morning

What is one thing you could change about your lifestyle that you think would improve your running?


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