The Benefits Of Running Every Day – #RWRunStreak Edition

I know it’s only Day 5, but this #RWRunStreak is pretty great. It’s the only challenge I’ve done where the first week was mentally easy (physically is another story). I normally struggle with the mental part of my run plans, not to mention the logistics, but this “run every day” thing has actually done me a lot of favors.

I make pretty good run calendars but I never end up doing all my runs. When it says run 5x a week, I run 2x a week. It’s the main thing I want to change about this year’s marathon training. But now, when I have to run a mile a day anyway with this Run Streak Challenge, it’s easy to just do the mileage that’s in the books while you’re already there. And I don’t dread running a mile. In fact, I tell myself every day that I only have to run a mile today, so it makes every additional mile seem like a victory!

For those people who aren’t big runners, doing a challenge like #RWRunStreak can get you out there to run 7 miles a week. That definitely feels like a lot when you’re just starting out running. For veteran runners, who easily do 40+ miles a week but who don’t run every day, even those 1 mile runs can help because they say those “junk miles” add to your overall fitness. Matt Fitzgerald does a great job in explaining the technical reasons here in Rethinking Junk Miles.

1 mile

1 mile & you’re done!

Here are some tips I’ve found as I get through the first week of the challenge:

– If your legs are still sore from a previous run, try to schedule your daily runs as far apart as possible (i.e. Sunday 7 miles @5am, then Monday 1 mile @7pm)

– Listen to the people at Runner’s World and just go slow! It doesn’t matter how you do that mile. I personally looked like I was doing a caricature of running on my Thursday 1 miler day.

– Remind yourself that a mile is nothing! How far did you walk today for your job or for recreation? If you didn’t move around too much, how can you argue with at least moving 1 mile in a day?

That’s all I’ve got so far! I think my biggest danger to not finishing this is if I forget to run one day, which would be weird, or if I get seriously injured, which would mean I have way bigger problems. But we’ll see! I haven’t gotten a finisher’s trophy for a challenge yet!


Good luck to everyone else doing the #RWRunStreak!! Stay strong!

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