Another Boring Wednesday Of Running

I stuck to my plan today. I ran 4 miles even though my calves were sore and told me I shouldn’t run at all. I ate what I was supposed to eat (mmmmm… that broccoli and quinoa was yummy!!… yeah right). And I didn’t have coffee today, even as I drank bland tea and had loving daydreams about cappuccinos. I guess sometimes the most boring days are also the gold star days.

In other boring Wednesday news….

Altra Zero-Drop Adjustment

I’ve had these Altra Provisions for a while now but it seems like my calves are still transitioning. It feels like it’s taking forever for my calves to get stronger and get used to running on the “zero drop”, which feels like running in flast. And now that I’m upping my mileage, I feel it a lot in my tight and sore calves. This is why I’m writing about these “amazing” 6 mile runs when I was doing 12 mile runs a couple months ago. But I love love love these Altras! I wish I had a dollar for every friend I’ve convinced to buy some Altras now because I’d have…. ok, I’d have like $3.

Florida Weather

It’s getting hotter now, officially. The temperature is in the 90’s for the high pretty much every day. But during my outside run yesterday afternoon, it didn’t feel hot to me at all. I figure that is a good sign for the rest of the summer. If 92 felt surface-of-the-sun to me, then I would be in for a world of hurt on the rest of my summer runs. Instead, 92 felt normal and no big deal.

That’s pretty much all I’ve got, folks. I’m happily plodding along on my plan. Hopefully this will all stack up to awesomeness in the next month. One day at a time! Wait, is that the AA slogan? Well it’s a great slogan and it works for runners too!

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