#RWRunStreak Anybody? Who Wants To Run 41 Days In A Row?

41 days. 41 runs. 1 mile or more each day. Memorial Day until the 4th of July. Run every day. That’s it. Piece o’ cake.

I think I’ve heard of this thing before, this Runner’s World Run Streak Challenge. If I recall, the times I read about it before, I didn’t even get through 2 sentences before I dismissed it as crazy. Not crazy crazy, but crazy for me crazy. I have trouble just trying to run every week.

But recently my friends and I have been talking about how immobile we are these days. We were talking about ourselves, but I think a lot of people may be experiencing the same thing. We’re either driving to work or driving to the store or standing in one spot to cook or clean. I know, for myself, outside of running, there’s very little movement in my life, physically. When I lived in DC, I walked every single day for miles. Now, in the burbs, no walking, no nothing. My friends were talking about finding ways to move more every day. So I thought, why not do small runs every day?

But then you hear everywhere how you absolutely need these “rest days” and should not run every single day during training. But if you are otherwise sedentary, is it really that bad to do a slow, slow mile on what was supposed to be your rest day? Isn’t it worse to just be sitting around all day than it is to have run every day?


this is not the way to go






The people at Runner’s World seem to think so. They said to convert your rest days to easy, slow 1 mile runs, just enough to keep the streak alive. Still, it’s daunting. If I didn’t have a treadmill, I wouldn’t even consider this. For example, I was only able to do my run tonight after the kids went to sleep and it was dark outside.

I need challenges. Like I said in my last post, I’m not one of those runners who radiates self motivation all the time. I need to be pushed – a lot. I mean, I guess I do push myself, technically, because nobody else is telling me to do these things. But what I need in order to push myself are shiny new ideas. A shiny new challenge! And this one isn’t half bad. Hey, it got me on the treadmill tonight when I was positive I would not run today. Yesterday, on Sunday Long Run Day, I only did 4 miles when my plan said 6. I just didn’t have it in me and I didn’t care. But today, a REST day (read: 0 miles), I saw this challenge and I thought… ok… just 1 mile… and I did 6!! I wanted to jump off the treadmill and jump for joy!

Who knows what the next 41 days will hold. But, if nothing else, I did 6 more miles this week than I was planning on doing. Baby steps to ultimate fitness! Not every run is gold or inspiring but sometimes you will have a day when you feel amazing and are running a fast pace and it feels fantastic and everything comes together. Tonight I had a run like that, thanks to the Run Streak Challenge. This could be fun. Or, you know, I could put this on my failure mantle along with all my other failure trophies. 🙂 But why not try it out?

Anyone else doing the #RWRunStreak?


sadly, this is me when I’m not running

6 responses to “#RWRunStreak Anybody? Who Wants To Run 41 Days In A Row?

  1. I wish! I always think I want to do this but I have to be realistic and know that: 1. I need a true no activity rest day and 2.The way my knees are set up-they will not be able to handle it 😦 -Good luck!


    • Thanks! I’m worried I’ll need (or want) those true rest days as well. I guess I’m curious if I can do it or if it’s one of those wishful thinking plans or plans for hard core other people. Sorry to hear your knees hurt. Just running on pained knees at all is a victory!


    • Great!! Another “streaker” as they say. 🙂 How hard can it be right?! Actually, I’m pretty sure I haven’t even brushed my hair for 41 days straight so this may be slightly difficult for me. Here’s to fun new challenges!


  2. I’ve always thought about doing it and I really thought I was going to give it a go this year. However, I did not run today, so I failed in day 1. The biggest challenge for me would have been Fridays- an 11 hour shift not counting my commute. I wish I owned a treadmill. Good luck!!


    • Thanks! And I completely agree that a treadmill seems essential to this plan’s success, unfortunately. And long shifts and commutes are the worst for exercise plans!


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