One More Morning Run To Go!!… Oh Wait, I Mean 115

Nothing more depressing than looking at the forest instead of the trees, eh runners?! Just when you want to have a victory party for a run week you did, you look at your calendar and realize this is just the start of all the training you have to do.

This week has been a success so far. I’m proud of myself for finally committing to a morning running plan. I will have run 6 days total this week, which I never would have believed possible. I still have my long run to do and I’m hoping to squeeze that in at the end of the day today. I’m also hoping that by typing it on here I have committed myself! But I think all the random food I’ve eaten this weekend (hint: it wasn’t kale smoothies) will also be forcing to me to run later.

My conclusion from this week of morning runs —– some mornings it’s hard to run and on other mornings it’s easier. That’s not conclusive at all is it? Ok but the specific difference I feel is that I’m far more tired during the day this week than I was before. Is it because I’m running in the morning and then feel drained by the afternoon? Is it because I’ve upped my mileage by a lot (anything more than zero is a lot) and that’s why I’m tired? I don’t know, but my coffee consumption is scary right now. And I still dread my morning runs half the time. That’s probably why I make blanket promises to myself about the amount of coffee I can drink if I just do my run!

I have a very reward-centric mentality when it comes to running, which I’m trying to change. For instance, now that I’m about to finish this week, I want a break from running as a reward for my running. That’s not going to happen, of course. It’s only my first week of training! But it’s something I’m going to have to combat during the next 5 or so months. I’m trying to come up with intervals of training that seem more manageable to me and onto where I can schedule some healthy rewards at the end. And so far I’ve come up with – GOING HOME TO DC!!!! YAY!!!

running DC

can’t wait to go home and run!







Yep, I may have 115 runs left til Marine Corps Marathon, but in between there I’m going to take a BREAK! And by “break” I mean I’m getting some of my old military buddies to meet me in DC to…. well… run. 🙂 I want to run around the Capitol and visit all the monuments over the course of a *cough* 10-12 mile run *cough cough*. Ok, so my one buddy who agreed to this already maaaay not know the distance I’m was talking about, but she’s totally good for it! She’s just gonna make a fuss about going that far but she’ll do it. My other buddy, he is purposely not returning my calls because I may have mentioned my run plans in the message I left for him. But I know for a fact he’s been running lately! I think he thinks we already did our run quota together as a group in all those years in the military. WRONG buddy!! PICK UP YOUR PHONE CO-PILOT!!! I will come to your house and drag you out!!!


Home Sweet Home!

Anyway, that’s how I’m going to stay run-sane through all this training. I’m going to try and take one week at a time, no rewards, and then hit DC in 7 weeks to do a pre Runner’s World Challenge training visit before training really gets serious. I consider it serious now but what I mean is I’m only doing the mileage, not the speed work etc right now. Oh, and I’m going to try and get some hill workouts while I’m there too – not in DC but the burbs.

Anyone get in some good runs this weekend? Anyone have a favorite run train downtown near the Mall in DC?

4 responses to “One More Morning Run To Go!!… Oh Wait, I Mean 115

  1. Whoohoo for morning runs. So true some are easy (let’s go!) and others are (why the heck am I doing this!)

    I have 1 run until Zooma Annapolis on Sat.

    Yeah for Marine Corp..excited for you!

    Everytime I run in DC I say-i need to do this more often! Such beauty!


    • Annapolis is great! I used to go out there a lot – for eating not running! When I lived in DC, I would either be on a gym treadmill or I’d want to get out of the city to run on the weekends. Now I’m like, why did I always do that?! Good luck on your run! I’m sure it’s a beautiful route there.

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