Becoming A Morning Runner – Day 3

If I had written about morning running yesterday I would have said “Woo hoo! I’m a morning runner! This is great! I feel great! I got my run in and didn’t have to spend all day dreading a run or worrying I wouldn’t do it! I am so accomplished by 8am!! I am a superhero!!” But yesterday was a 3 mile run. That’s pretty easy to squeeze in or stumble through half asleep. And it was only Day 2 so I still felt ok. Today, on Day 3, with a 5 mile run, it wasn’t as pretty. You can’t stumble through a 5 mile run at a super slow pace and be on time for work too. After 4 miles I looked at my watch and was like, oh no! I only have this much time left! And I spent the last mile in an all out sprint to make it in time.

I still think morning running is the key. I’m so tired right now though. Trying not to hit up the coffee (I did have a soda). It’s going to take a while to get used to this. But I need my running to be a sure thing. My previous plan, to run at night after work, after the spouse gets home, sometimes even after the kids are asleep, was not working. By then I wanted to go to sleep! Or I wanted to finally sit down and be lazy. Or there was a thunderstorm. There was always something. But at 5 or 6am, if your spouse can help with the kids, you can force that run to happen and check that box for the day.

This is my first step to stop doing the same things and expecting different results. Here is my chart of what I did last year for marathon training and what I think I need to do differently this year. It’s pretty obvious why I failed my time goal last year when you look at it.

failure chart

my marathon failure chart

I hope I get better at these morning runs. Right now I’m so slow and so tired until at least 4 miles in. I kept wondering how I’m going to get fast for the marathon if this is how I end up doing these weekly runs. But right now I’m just getting the mileage in however I can. I won’t start proper speed and interval training until July. But so far so good – I’ve run 3x this week and it’s only Wednesday. Way better than I have been doing!

Which do you prefer: morning or afternoon running? Do you have any tips to be more energized for morning runs?


4 responses to “Becoming A Morning Runner – Day 3

  1. Oof, I am not a morning person at all. Then this morning I drove past a woman running and the weather looked perfect, for a moment I wanted to be a morning runner. Then I realized it wasn’t even 7 yet but I was headed to work. No mornings for me. Good luck making the transition, morning runners rock!


    • I know! Some work schedules just don’t lend themselves to morning running. Afternoon runs feel so much better to me – performance wise. But I started being a no-show in the afternoons. :/ I think anyone who commits to their schedule (whenever it is) is amazing!


  2. I tried to start by just committing myself to walking the dog in the morning; hoping that would turn into a love of mornings. Nope. I love my bed and do not want to be out of it until I am required to be. I run at lunch (and blowdry myself in my office afterwards – kind of gross, but it works for me) and it always ends up feeling like a nice break in the day.


    • I love my bed too! I don’t blame you. If it works for you any other way, that’s great! But I tell ya, my laziness increases as the day goes on. And I’m starting to love that feeling of starting my day with a finished run. It beats my all my negative feelings between 4-6am and that’s saying something!


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