What Do You MEAN 5 Months Until Marine Corps Marathon?!?!

I love how my website calendar always rounds down for a maximum intimidation effect. But the fault is still mine. I’ve been saying “Oh, the marathon isn’t for 6 months or so” for around 2-3 months now. I had such great plans but now I’m freaking out because, as usual, things don’t go according to plan.

I wish I was one of the people who can and will run come hell or high water. My race buddy is like that. Ok, pretty much all my run friends are like that. They are brilliant and dedicated and committed and it’s amazing to witness come race day. I don’t want to spend a lot of time and space delineating how exactly opposite I am, but I will positively note that I never give up! And I will negatively note that I may be one of those people who performs best when staring down a more dire timeline. So maybe I just wish I was more of a runner who didn’t need extreme fear and urgency to train successfully.

cup half full

cup half full, my friends!

I’m not having a pity party for being behind the curve so much as I am assembling a meeting of me, myself, and I to discuss my progress and how timelines and objectives must now be shifted to accommodate my current status. In other words, it’s so on now! I’ve got to create a plan and start following it no matter what.

But in the “no matter what” arena, let me just say that this last week and weekend did not go well. I didn’t run but once during the week and I didn’t run at all this weekend. Long run? What’s that? Both my young kids were sick last week and we ended up in the hospital with the youngest this weekend. It was all very scary and running was the last thing on my mind. The spouse and I have been shell shocked ever since. But all is well now, thankfully, and we can start getting back to normal. And that’s when I saw my lovely little calendar, sucker punching me with the “5 MONTHS LEFT!” notification. Wow, thanks. Thanks for that reminder buddy.

The training calendar goes up today! I’m going to plaster the Runner’s World Challenge training calendar on my wall, as well as the weeks leading up to the Challenge start. Yes, I said I was going to do this before but with exams and such, I don’t know what happened. I sorta did the best I could. Now, I have sufficient fear to get me on board with having a firm plan and no more school to mess with me. I have to make this training season count! 5 months left? This seems unbelievable to me! Where did the time go?!


9 responses to “What Do You MEAN 5 Months Until Marine Corps Marathon?!?!

  1. FIVE MONTHS! I just panicked a little too. My “base” training before my real training starts has been lacking…I’m holding steady (aka lazy) at 3 miles when I do get out and run. I guess that is better than NOTHING but I may be in for another rude awakening with my training this year! I’m like you, though. I perform better under pressure and when it’s down to the wire! What training plan are you following?


    • Isn’t it crazy?! Five months is like tomorrow! I’m following the Runner’s World Challenge program for sub 4:00. I barely remember what it looks like except that it has me running 4-5 times a week and I think the first long run is 10 miles. I do not want to drag myself over 26.2 miles in DC again this year! It’s not too late for us! Which training plan are you using?


      • Oh, I’m starting from square one again since I slacked off so bad with my first race. I’m following the Novice Hal Higden plan– 18 weeks I think. But I’ll give myself a couple of weeks grace for being sick/injury/lazy 🙂


      • I feel like I’m starting from square one again too. I think my plan is too ambitious for how I’m feeling right now. But maybe once we get going and get some big runs under our belts we’ll start feeling better about it? What is it that Meb says? Under-promise and over-deliver! (to ourselves!)

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  2. haha. 5 months is plenty of time.!! sure it’ll fly by but it’s what you do in between that time, and sounds like you already have a plan. Exciting.!


    • Thanks. I’m just worried it will be a repeat of last year’s marathons. Training is one thing but training well/fast is a whole ‘nuther thing that I haven’t managed to figure out. :/

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