Step Away From The Treadmill

Raise your hand if on a perfectly beautiful day you decide to run on the treadmill instead of going outside. Anybody? Just me?? I thought so. I blame it on the novelty of a great treadmill. I blame school. And since I’m playing the lame blame game, can I also add sick children? Even though I started exams last week, I took my last exam on Tuesday so, technically, this is still exam week, or as school calls it #fiNOLES week. Hilarious. :/ Point is, don’t I get an exam week off from strict run plans? And then as soon as school ended, the kids got really sick and we’re still in the middle of that. And, as all parents know, when your kids don’t sleep, you don’t sleep (and in my case I don’t run either). So don’t I get a sick week off from strict run plans? None of this changes the fact that I haven’t run outside in what feels like forever. Don’t get me wrong. I’m proud of all my treadmill running lately. If not for the treadmill, I wouldn’t have done any running. But yesterday I had to go out to the store around 7pm and it was so beautiful outside and it hit me that I’ve been really missing out. It was the perfect running weather! I somehow forgot that we can now run even later in the evening than we could all winter long. I  may have more time to get those evening runs in now that my summer officially started but I’m having trouble letting go of the convenience of treadmill running. Maybe I’m using it as a crutch. It’s been a difficult (but worthwhile!) adjustment to the Altra running and the zero drop shoes but I get kind of sore on my runs and have been worried I’ll tweak a muscle 2 miles out from the house or something. My IT Band has been hurting lately. I need to be doing more foam rolling. Right now I do zero. Also I’ve been doing some random cross training (recreational walks & biking with the family) and I think that’s inflamed my ITB as well. Ok I’m making a ton of excuses aren’t I? There’s no reason I can’t get outside more to run now. I’m going to start this weekend!… most likely…. if their fevers break?… if my motivation returns?… if the stars align?? I only have maybe two more months down here before it goes from really hot to unbearably hot. I need to take advantage of this weather while I can! Fight the post-school laziness! Fight the excuses! Step away from the treadmill and get outside!


does it count if you can SEE outside from your treadmill?

Anyone else feeling lazy at the start of marathon training season? What’s your lamest excuse for not going for a run? (I’ll share one of my favorites for not running outside – I’m so slow and I’m embarrassed for people to see me running this slow.)

4 responses to “Step Away From The Treadmill

    • Ha! Hey that’s not bad. At least you had a plan to do something else instead of running. Most of my run excuses center on JUST not running… or worse, are food related (i.e. waffle breakfast > early morning run).

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  1. I thought about getting a treadmill but decided against it for that very reason. It would definitely be useful when time is short or the weather is rubbish.
    My lamest excuse for skipping a run though is that if it’s after 10am and before 6pm, it’s too crowded to run anywhere around here – I get very grumpy if people get in my way! 😉


    • Oh I’ve definitely used that excuse before too! I hate when there’s too much traffic on the roads next to my runs, or if there are too many tourists around on the weekend, or if it’s past 730am and the commuters are out… it’s quite pathetic how particular I am about running. And this is why I can’t step away from the treadmill. But I’m trying to let go of all that other stuff!

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