Um… Just Kidding – I’m Running Disney!!!

Ok kinda funny to write this post after my post from yesterday but – I’m running the 2016 Disney Marathon!! Yesterday, in a move very reminiscent of last year, my husband surprised me with a race entry as an early Mother’s Day present!

Honestly I was just as shocked as last year! I had already accepted that I couldn’t run Disney this year and that was fine. But I guess, as it turns out, we have a free night’s hotel stay in the area (I didn’t know about this before – I guess it was part of the surprise!). We’re just going to haul the kids up Saturday, hit the expo, sleep, wake for marathon, and then head home! But it’s still going to be a blast!

Last year, my husband grabbed me up a registration for my birthday as a surprise. That October, RunDisney had opened up their marathon and half marathon registration after an episode of Extreme Weight Loss aired showing this father-daughter team that ran the Disney half together. It renewed interest in the race so they opened the previously closed registration for a whole week!  I guess I was talking a lot about the registration this year, and how bummed I was that the stars hadn’t aligned on this one, because he swooped up a spot for me again!

For anyone else interested, the marathon is only 60% full. It’s funny how the Dopey Challenge sells out in mere hours but the regular ol’ puny marathon doesn’t. I guess 26.2 miles is too easy for some people. Last year after I ran, I saw a lot of people walking around with all their 6 medals and I did actually feel like a slacker for only running 26 miles! Not that I could have run more! I was dragging as it was!

I’m really excited about this! Disney is always that “fun” marathon where you don’t have to take it that seriously. Marine Corps, on the other hand, feels a lot more serious and there’s a lot more negative reinforcement support from family and friends to motivate me to do my best. And at least running Disney again this year will ensure that I’m still trained up for Miami when it comes 2 weeks later, instead of that 4 month slacking that tends to occur after an early fall race and throughout the holidays.

WDW medal

last year’s Disney Marathon medal!

Hope everyone else is as excited for their 2015/2016 race lineups as I am!!!

Anyone going to try something different in their racing this year?


9 responses to “Um… Just Kidding – I’m Running Disney!!!

  1. Hahah. So much for not running it.!! Aren’t you glad you didn’t buy one also now.? Lol that was sweet of him. 🙂


    • No kidding! In fact, that’s why he told me about the Mother’s Day present early – because he thought I might sign up myself in a moment of craziness. I may have done stuff like that in the past. :/

      Liked by 1 person

    • Disney really is great with races. It took me some time to get used to it because it was so overwhelming at first. But now I miss the craziness! People in tutus are setting BQs! It’s nuts.


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