It’s Not You, Disney… It’s Me

The Walt Disney World Marathon weekend races went on sale today and may have sold out by now. I tried not to watch the speedy countdowns on Twitter and RunDisney while all 7 races start to sell out. It’s almost painful. You feel like you are missing out. But I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t sign up for more races until I tackled my overall run fitness and I’m going to stick to it. *sighhhh*

But I maaaay have accidentally hit “register” and been put in queue for the Goofy Challenge at lunchtime, where I spent the 20 minute countdown debating whether or not I wanted to do it. They send you to another screen where you are told how many people are in front of you and a stopwatch tells you how long until it will be your turn to register. I ultimately decided I was a firm “no” and got out of the queue, after telling myself over and over why it wasn’t a good idea to run 39 miles two weekends before the Miami Half (or Full? more on that later…) and that the year I buy a treadmill is not the year to spend tons of $$$ on races, and so on and so on… There were a million other reasons dealing with money and time but it’s crazy how even the best reasons sometimes can’t stop you from registering for a race.

For those of you interested in running one of the Walt Disney World Weekend Races one day, here are the prices:

Disney Prices

Walt Disney World Race Prices







These prices are no joke. And these are just registration prices. If you do the Goofy or Dopey Challenges, then you have to plan for at least 3-5 days in Orlando, plus all the extras like if you want to stay at their resorts that take you right to the start lines (so worth it) and any park tickets you want (try and take your kids to Disney and not let them in the parks… actually I’ve done it but they’re still so young they thought the hotel playground was “Disney”). It’s expensive even if you live in Florida, so I can’t imagine paying the out-of-state prices in addition to flying everyone in. Not that I’m saying it isn’t a completely worthwhile experience! It is really great. Disney puts on an amazing race weekend. That’s why I was queuing up! I wish I could do it this year!

I need to focus on the Marine Corps Marathon and stop getting distracted by all these glittering races coming up. One day maybe I’ll be able to throw money and time towards all these things but right now it’s all about getting back to fighting form. But I did call my run buddy at lunch and remind her that she promised we’d “run Disney” one year. I didn’t remind her that I consider her promise to be applied to the Dopey Challenge – all 4 races in 4 days. Hey, it’s not MY fault if she doesn’t remember the details of her unbreakable vow to me!! See you in Orlando in 2017 buddy!!!! xo

Did anyone out there sign up for Disney today?? I have to admit I can’t wait to read the blogs from all the people doing Dopey and Goofy this year!

3 responses to “It’s Not You, Disney… It’s Me

  1. I haven’t gotten bitten by the Disney bug yet-not to say it won’t happen but those fees are so high. Maybe in a few years when the kids can appreciate the park more and remember the memories. We will see.

    Good job staying focused on your plan (even if for a second you waivered!)


    • I say that all the time too! If the kids can’t appreciate it, then it’s hard to rationalize spending the money on it. But as I told someone else recently, most people I see at these Disney races are groups of adults on vacation. 99% of the people I talk to on race day are there without kids. Surprising, right?


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