Resetting My Garmin And Myself!

In the spirit of positivity, I’m going to start all over. No more judging myself from past runs or past decisions or past versions of me. I want to start all over!

I need some big encouragement this training season. Maybe some of you can relate? It’s not that I don’t have any at all. My family gives me a lot of encouragement. But I need more. I need encouragement from the only entity in my life who really appreciates the minutiae of each and every run – my running BFF… Garmin.

Garmin Forerunner 220

“You’re the best!” – love Garmin

It’s a sad but true fact that my Garmin 220 gives me some of the best encouragement in the form of its “YOU SET A NEW RECORD!!” messages after my runs. Last year, the thought of getting one of those messages really drove me out there and pushed my pace a lot of the time. Even when I didn’t set a personal record, I was excited that I even tried it and couldn’t wait til next time.

But after having done a year’s worth of marathon training already, unless I begin by setting speed records all the time (not likely), I won’t be getting many messages of encouragements at all. And after that dreaded “not running the tangents” at the 2014 Marine Corps Marathon, I have no hope of ever setting a record for longest run anymore. My wild, loop-around running cost me an extra 1.6 miles or so on that run, according to my Garmin. In retrospect, I do remember trying to get past big groups of runners because I was a slave to my pace rather than going the shortest route possible. Anyhoo! Live and learn! But what I want now is that even if my next marathon is an absolute disaster, at the very least I’ll score a record for “Longest Run Ever!” Really it’s just fool-proofing my mental support in a way.

Incidentally, the only thing I’m setting a record for currently is most hours/days stalling on exams. Ugh. The sooner I get done with papers and exams, the sooner I can run!

Anyone else pushing *RESET* ??

2 responses to “Resetting My Garmin And Myself!

  1. haha. gotta do what you gotta do. Garmin needs to be more supportive.! not just for longest or fastest runs :p


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