I Should Run… Boston?

What a great race today in Boston! I went full on run fan today and was glued to my computer and twitter to stream the race and get every bit of info. Over two hours later I realized I hadn’t moved an inch because it was such an exciting race!

I think everyone did amazing! Desi Linden, Shalane Flannagan, Dathan Ritzenhein, Meb Keflezighi, Fernando Cabada… the list goes on and on but I can’t list every American elite out there. I already embarrassed myself in my run fandom on Twitter today. I get like this every Boston Marathon. And I’m not even done yet. I want to hear what happened with Shalane! Why did she fall back? Was she injured?? What was Desi thinking when they were all doing that back and forth there in the lead pack? Why did Meb look like he was hurting? What did Fernando think about elite field and competition and course on this huge major race as a newbie? Hopefully the run magazines and online sites will tell us something more, but the overall race coverage was really great. Thanks BAA for providing such great visual coverage of the elites!






And in relaying the play-by-play to my majorly disinterested friends and family, my father, probably to try and change the subject, asked me if I was going to run it one day if I liked it so much. I told him, nahhh, I can’t get in. I just want to admire the people who do. Plus, how can I be a #1 Fan if I’m running the race and can’t watch it live??

But, yes, I do think about it. Don’t we all? I’d love to qualify one day, but I think it’s going to be a process, if at all. I used to be fast but now I’m just… not. I have this informal “before I’m 40” bucket list with Boston on it, and that gives me a large chunk of time to play with.

Right now I just want to say that it was an amazing race and I wish all elite level runners made as much money as even the lowliest basketball/baseball/football players out there!! If more people were run fans like me, all of the elites could make what they deserve to be making as the top performing athletes they are! So not fair!






I finished my day with a run this afternoon. How can you not run on Boston Monday?!

Who else watched the race? What did you all think? Anyone have Boston on their bucket list?

6 responses to “I Should Run… Boston?

  1. I was in the same boat!! Totally on the couch for a few hours cheering on all the runners. I know I’d never be fast enough to physically qualify the 3:35:00 pace, but I might be able to raise lots of dollars for a charity! I would love to run Boston. I think it’s an American culture icon in the world of sports, right up there with the World Series and the Daytona 500. Being a part of history…that’s unforgettable. 🙂


    • I know! 3:35 seems so impossible right now! I mean, I’d be happy with sub 4:00 at this point so 3:35 seems like a complete dream scenario. But maybe one day? I actually think it would be easier for me to qualify than raise the $5,000 or however much Boston fundraising costs. Do you think you’d try fundraising soon for something like that? I always tell my friends that we’re not getting any younger, so every day and every year we’re in a better place to do this than we will be later!


      • One day, for sure! Though due to my beginninng to work right after graduation, I may not have time in the near future to be concerned about fundraising, but later on in the year I’d focus on it more after I get settled down. Fundraising typically starts 6 months out from Marathon weekend, so it’d begin around October. I’m not insanely fast by any means, and I’m still striving to get a sub 3:00 just for my half marathon, but I think with more diligent training and a some more races under my belt that can be accomplished.


  2. It was an amazing race 🙂 I loved watching it.
    Not really on my top list of races to run though.. I want to BQ, but not necessarily to run Boston.


    • Do you have a race bucket list? I don’t have Boston on mine I don’t think. But if I ever qualified I would probably be booking my flight to Logan Airport on my smart phone at the finish line. I don’t think I could NOT run it if I had the chance. Plus all the elites are there at the expo and it would be fun to see them.

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      • no I don’t..just know that I want to run the Seattle and Portland marathon someday. and yea.! seeing all the elites would be amazing.!


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