Does Trampoline Jumping Count As Cross Training?

Hmmm… long run or Sky Zone?? Long run?… orrrrrr Sky Zone?… which one is more sensible for someone on the eve of serious marathon training season? Yep, folks… I chose Sky Zone.

sky zone

Now I get to play the fun game called “Guess which activity caused your injury!” Was it my new zero drop shoes and speed workout, or was it, um, jumping for hours at a trampoline park?

Ok, I’m not really “injured.” I’m sore and achy and I had to bust out the foam roller for the first time in ages. And my foot arches were killing me today on my late afternoon long run. And my calves are killing me now. I did run faster and longer in my new Altras than my run earlier this week. It really could be the sprints I did today, or the Altra’s zero-drop. But I’m pretty sure it was the trampolining, which I will generously call cross-training.

I don’t regret it. It was really fun and the whole family loved it. But it always happens this way when you have a long run versus some sort of family fun trip on a weekend morning. A choice has to be made and I most often choose the family fun time. And since the family is pretty active, it usually means dipping into my energy reserve for my run or otherwise impairing my long run from whatever I did. For instance, the last thing you want to do is run for hours in the sun after you’ve been in the sun with your family at the beach or pool for hours. The treadmill solves so many of these problems now though. But the treadmill didn’t solve my achy legs from a trampoline park.

sky zone

this screams cross training to me… no?








And I’m just going to say it – trampoline parks are for kids! I don’t even feel young at heart! I’m one of the last born Generation X’ers, to give you an idea here. In other words, I’m not geriatric, but nor am I doing a back flip off a wall whilst taking a selfie. My point is I hurt and this is not good for my running!

This isn’t going to be a regular thing anyway but wow, you really feel it. Hey, maybe it’s even a good thing to strengthen your calves? But, really, I just don’t want to do anything to injure myself before training starts. I’m really focused on getting fit and getting a PR this year! No more trampolines!! (most likely).

sky zone

actually I DID jump off the wall and take a selfie!







Anyone else try Sky Zone? What do you think – not a big deal every once in a while or don’t do it when training?

2 responses to “Does Trampoline Jumping Count As Cross Training?

  1. I was just talking about doing a grown up trip to SkyZone! I guess I will rethink that now 😉

    Sorry you are feeling it from having what sounds like a fun time with the family.

    Sounds like maybe doing it again after your training :).

    Heal well.


    • Hey if you don’t have a race any time soon then go for it! It wasn’t bad, but that’s because I jumped conservatively, if that’s a term. My advice is to not try and back flip off a wall trampoline and you’ll be fine. 🙂 Too bad they didn’t have this when I was a kid!


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