Late Night Treadmill Running

I wish people would ask you if you’ve done your mileage for the day the same way they ask you if you’ve used your treadmill again/anymore/recently. Wouldn’t that be nice! For the record, just signing up for destination races and buying run gear is a large investment too, but nobody ever asks if you’ve been working towards having earned that trip to NYC marathon. No, there’s something special that brings people (*cough* spouse) out of the wood works after you’ve spent money on a treadmill to ask if you’ve run or suggest maybe that you should run or “How much was that again?

Well I have run on the treadmill again recently and it was great! And I plan to keep running on it frequently! And to my friend who asks if it also cooks you breakfast, why yes, yes it does!

Yesterday was one of those days where right when everyone got home, around 6pm, was NOT the time I felt like running on-command. You know how it goes. You’re done with work, you are together with your family (or friends), and you know there are only so many more minutes or hours of sunlight left so if you’re going to go run, the time is NOW. But you don’t feel like running now. What you feel like doing is eating because you didn’t get a lunch that day and you’re tired and hungry. Cue the eating-instead-of-running plan. Yep, I’m on my way to Boston Qualify alright. *sigh*

We made a quick batch of vegan “crab cakes”, we ate, and then we settled in…. cue the runner’s guilt. Wasn’t I supposed to have done 5 miles today? Instead I shoved food down my face at 6pm and now there’s no way I can run for at least the next 90 minutes, if not longer. But this is when my sweet, sweet treadmill saved the day. I knew this thing would be gold! I can’t believe anyone ever says they hate treadmills. Ok ok, I can hear my northern friends say that that’s because it’s 78 degrees here all winter long, whereas they have been on treadmills for the past 6 months because of snow and ice. I understand (be sure to check in here this summer when I’m baking in sweltering humidity and heat). But what I mean is that treadmills can help you salvage mileage that would otherwise be lost. And this thing gives me the flexibility to do better-than-nothing workouts which come in handy when you just don’t have it in you to follow the plan perfectly.

I’m still getting used to this thing of course. I have to learn how to approach the treadmill like I might approach the road. For instance, I should probably warm up a few minutes before cranking up the incline. And then movies I might not mind as background noise don’t always translate to movies I want in my face during an hour long run. It’s just going to take some fine tuning. I ended up doing 4 miles on a 2% incline because it took me so long to get set up and I didn’t want to be on the thing all night. But those are 4 miles that I wasn’t going to have attached to this week and that’s fantastic!


Peeps for days!

Now to decide where I’m going to fit in a 14 miler this Easter weekend… tonight? please no….

Does anyone else find it difficult to get long runs done on holiday weekends? Does anyone hit the treadmill just out of pure ease, instead of working harder to make an outside run happen?

2 responses to “Late Night Treadmill Running

    • Thanks! I wanted a treadmill for years and was only just now able to make it happen. Hopefully this helps me knock off, ohhhh, an hour from my last marathon time. I’m not sure it works that way though.

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