Nordictrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill – A Review

After four long years of thinking about it, I finally pulled the trigger on getting a treadmill. I love running and racing so much but after two years of grad school, followed by another two years of grad school (two different masters… don’t ask) and the spouse’s work and having two small kids, I could try and arrange my schedule into every given combination but running was just not happening the way I wanted. And that, my friends, means time for a treadmill!

I used the Runner’s World 2014 Treadmill Review to help me narrow down which one I wanted to get. After that, I can’t say I did too much additional research. I decided on the Nordictrack Commercial 2450. I’d love to say that my decision was based on engine/belt power and belt function blah blah but really it was that big shiny tv monitor affixed to the system that sold me. Hey, nobody likes running in place like a hamster right? So if I’m going to do it, then I want to watch a movie or a show (or the Boston Marathon) on it.

I’m still up to my eyeballs in school work so I was only able to hop on it for a 2 mile run to test it out. And even that was at the insistence of my friend who wanted to know how well it worked. I think I was really worried to get on it and find out that it sucked. Treadmills are expensive. It was not a purchase I took lightly. Although I got it for a lot less than it’s being offered now due to some great deals I found. I sent the spouse on it first, using the excuse that I wanted to pay attention to the functions and settings and get them stable while he ran on the belt… yeah that doesn’t even make sense as I type it but he wanted to try it anyway so he pretended to believe me.

My spouse, not a serious runner (but has completed a marathon in the past), said the whole thing was pretty decent, but had a complaint about “the belt seeming to slow down with each foot tread.” He thought maybe he needed to tighten the belt to make it more firm but neither of us tried. Full disclosure though, my spouse hates treadmills and would flatly rather not run than to run on one. I got on and the belt felt fine to me. I don’t know what else to say about it except that it worked perfectly enough that I didn’t even pay attention to it. My first impression was that it was a lot nicer than many treadmills I’ve run on before and, in fact, I don’t remember a treadmill that felt and performed better than this one.

The incline was crazy. I thought 15% wasn’t that steep when I first purchased it. It was one of the first things I tried out though because another big reason to get a treadmill was to have a hill workout somewhere in my training since there aren’t any hills here. But when I hit the “15” button on the side, whoa, I had to then keep punching the “slow down” key (pace) because I couldn’t keep up easily at all. That 15% grade is no joke. No, it’s not the same as those steep Virginia hills that I end up racing on half the time but it’s better than flat sea level!

Nordictrack Commercial 2450

Nordictrack Commercial 2450



The 3-fan system on the machine worked even better than I could have imagined. At gyms, those treadmill fans are always lame. I don’t pay attention to the exact types of treadmills I use at the gym but I do know the fans always suck. This fan was like being in a hurricane simulator. I only had it on level 2 of 6, I think, and level 2 was really strong. It was better than any floor fan you could buy to blow on you. The engineers at Norictrack seriously did some calibration and found the exact angles to hit a 5’8″ runner. Thanks guys!

This Nordictrack 2450 model comes with internet access and iFit and all the bells and whistles. Now, I didn’t check my email on it while running or anything but I did try out the iFit. I just quickly selected the “run through Hawaii” video mode or something and it takes you virtually through this route. It looked pretty good for the brief time I had it on this mode. You can even watch this virtual route on that lower screen and still watch your show on the top 15″ monitor. My husband routed a path through a town in Germany and Google street view showed his progress through this random neighborhood. I made a mental note to map through my old neighborhood in DC and thought how funny it would be to go “Oh, there’s the coffee shop… there’s my friend’s place…” Some of my other treadmill-having friends, who also have iFit, want to do races against each other. My friends… a bunch of super over-achievers.

Nordictrack Commercial 2450

the monitor on this is pretty huge









The volume on the tv monitor was great, both with headsets and no headsets. The buttons were perfect and nothing was sticky or didn’t work really quickly. The Runner’s World Treadmills Guide didn’t have anything bad to say about the Nordictrack Commercial 1750 treadmill and I can attest to nothing at all being wrong with this model either. Oh, ok, the only issue is this thing is a pain to move around. It weighs 310 lbs for the largest piece and that’s no joke. I mean, if I wasn’t as massively strong and fit as I am, I probably would have pulled something….. j/k, yes, I pulled something. But it didn’t have really easy grips to move that thing around. I’d say if you had stairs to deal with, pay the extra fee and let someone else haul it in. There’s no sense getting hurt before you’re about to undertake some serious training.

The Nordictrack 2450 is amazing! I love it! I love it more than I love Coca Cola! Incidentally, I didn’t realize how many soda commercials are on Netlix. Seriously? I’m trying to run and get fit and it’s putting up my #1 food trigger every 5 minutes?! I do not appreciate that. You’re there running and they’re slow pouring a soda…. I can’t even talk about it. Probably best to run while watching a dvd from now on.

Check out my post-marathon training NordicTrack update here.


it really is as awesome as this picture

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