First Day Of Spring In Soflo

Officially the first day of spring in soflo! If we didn’t have calendars we’d still know it by the mass influx of bugs and the empty streets now that most of the snowbirds have gone back up north. And it’s not that I don’t like tourists, it’s just that more traffic means less meetups with my run team across town!

Turns out the treadmill arrives sooner than I thought. I have a feeling this will turn into a treadmill running blog once I get it. I have been obsessed with the idea of a treadmill for years but only now could purchase one. Hard work + patience + dedication = great toys! Although I was planning on having a week off from running but now it looks like it will be more of a weekend. I slightly dread it arriving though because I told myself I’d have to get serious about running once it arrived. And, whoops, I sort of don’t have a run plan in place to take me up til July when RWC training starts. Or my plan is 30 miles a week, which is just too vague for someone who procrastinates like me.

Good running to all of you up north who have been waiting for spring so you can shake off the snow and cold! Marathon training starts soon! Has everyone chosen their fall race yet?? I can’t wait to see who all got through MCM lottery and is running it this year – 40th Anniversary!

spring showers

sunshine and showers here we come!

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