A Break While I Wait For My Treadmill – Blake Russell Understands!

The Sarasota First Watch Half left me pretty sore. It was a wake-up call to my fitness. I can’t keep diving into 12+ mile runs without having a solid foundation under me. Time to turn it back a bit.

My break timing works out pretty well because I think my treadmill will be delivered in a week. I jumped on some great sales and got what seems to be a highly reviewed model for a cheap price. I’m pretty excited to get it. It will be a relief to start a plan and absolutely get my runs in every time without Florida thunderstorms and spouse business trips derailing it. I read an article written by LA Marathon’s first American female finisher (3rd place), Blake Russell, who said that she thinks treadmills were “invented for house-bound moms and dads who just can’t get to a gym.” It’s so true!! Nothing was more true!

In the meantime, I’m going to take some time off running. Unless my team calls to harass me, I’m planning on skipping this weekend’s long run. I need to start back from scratch and build up my running along with my eating plan. There are so many run books I want to tackle before I begin my training in earnest but first on the list is fully reading Clean by Dr. Junger. I tried his plan before, but had only skimmed the book’s concept. I was at a desperate point to relieve inflammation on my knee and his 21-day plan absolutely worked. I won’t go on about it here but it was great and it’s also in line with my new years eve dietary and lifestyle resolutions. I want to do it again and follow it more steadfastly this time in an effort to prime my body for better running. I used to keep my running and eating separate because they never seemed to be affected by each other. Now, in my 30’s – totally different story. And I refuse to go into this year’s MCM training without fully committing to every aspect of getting myself together. Also, I’ve successfully quit coffee already so that’s a mini miracle in itself. I think my exam week coffee binge helped cure me. Blech.

Also, I already received my Runner’s World Challenge marathon training plan for MCM so I was able to look that over. I’m really happy with the plan they sent. I got to choose between maybe 12 different plans. I think I chose a challenging one for my current abilities, but if it’s not challenging I’ll lose focus. I’m not sure how long I want to keep doing marathons so I need to make this one count for my PR.



That’s it for now. Just waiting for my toy treadmill and then I can get to work. Also waiting for the end of the school semester so I can have a life! … a life I’m going to fill up with running!

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