March is NOT My Running Month

I’m not going to say it’s the Sarasota Half. It could be any race…. if that race was in March. This is not my best month of the year, and that’s putting it mildly.

What’s the weather on race day? I have no idea. Packet pickup? I think it’s on the same day… isn’t it? What time does the race start? Eh, who cares, I’m heading out early and I doubt I’ll miss start. Race day kit? Hopefully I can find my watch by then – I think Pooh Bear was wearing it last I saw.

I know Sunday will be a not-so-great race day and I have to just let it be the training run that it is. I do a lot of races just for the medal and this is one of them. Actually, I wanted their signature dolphin medal last time but they did this medal that sort of looked like it was maybe a couple dolphins, if you really stared at it and imagined hard. This year they have the traditional dolphin. That’s what I want. Grab it and head home.

sarasota 2014

Sarasota 2014 medal

Sarasota 2015 Medal

Sarasota 2015 Medal









Did I want to sleep in on my last weekend of spring break? Yes. But that’s how it goes when you sign up for a race 7 months before the fact. All of us sign up for races when we’re really energetic (or out drinking when people get us to sign up for races with our phones – says my run team) or imagine that we will be much more energetic come race day. I’m definitely in the latter group. And every time I’m like, *sighhhhh* is that this weekend? Not on the big ones though. Not for Marine Corps! I get really nervous and hyped for that one. But I haven’t maintained that level of enthusiasm for anything outside of a big fall race.

And in New Years Resolution updates… I haven’t been great but I haven’t been drinking coffee/sodas/alcohol lately and I’m still trying out the vegan meals each week. I haven’t done both of those this whole time but I know I’m doing better than I would have if I hadn’t set those goals. My ability to stay on plan will gain momentum as the year goes on. I’m pretty good in the summer and even better in late summer. Fall? It’s on!

But March……… March is not my shining moment. In March I’m like the Blerch. (hmm… maybe I should do the Beat The Blerch Half?)

the blerch

beware the blerch


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