One Week Out From Sarasota Half

Who says races don’t motivate?! Races get me out the door more than anything else. I’d like to think that I’d just be a dedicated runner because I like running and want to be healthy, but when life gets really busy that’s just not the case. Before you know it, 6 weeks has flown by and you realize you haven’t run but a handful of times. Oops.

I ran 12 miles yesterday in a last minute panic to prepare for running Sarasota on the 15th. And even getting out there was largely due to my run team reaching out. I guess the race is not the only thing getting me out there. I haven’t slept much because of exams so when the alarm went off at 5am (previously 4am since this was the first day of daylight savings time), I sat there thinking – no way. No way am I going out there today. Why did I even agree to this?! Then my spouse played the part of the devil on my shoulder, “Don’t go. You haven’t slept all week and you still have an exam to turn in. They’d understand.” That’s what got me out the door in that moment. Just hearing it I started saying to myself, “No, they would not understand. No, I haven’t slept but it doesn’t matter because I have Sarasota next week and I can’t just show up without having made sure I can even do a double digit run. Yes, I have to go.

I have never regretted a morning I showed up for a long run with my team, and yesterday was no different. Sure, sometimes it takes a mile or two to get into it but once you’re there it feels amazing. We’re all very aware that this cool weather here in soflo is not going to last much longer so we’re all soaking it up. It was around 68 degrees when we started and we were cold. Then when it hit 70 and we were at a good pace and it felt amazing. Not to be a downer but it also made me dread the summer training months. It’s so hot and humid here in the summer that every run feels like some sort of reality tv endurance challenge.

And now back to Sarasota for the 10th anniversary race. I’m not going to set any records here at all. I’m just using it as a training run. I’m not really in shape for a good half right now. I will also be using my CamelBak this year, after witnessing multiple volunteers sneezing into our water cups after I had already drank from cups from those tables. But it’s a decent little neighborhood race. It’s a small town and you really get a feel that everyone has their family and friends out there watching them. And the logistics are pretty easy, which is important since I’m driving from quite a distance away on race morning. The relay aspect of it kind of threw me before but now I’m just happy to see anyone finding a way to participate in races. It has to start somewhere for people and I love that more and more people are getting into distance running. I do think that after this 10th for Sarasota and the 40th for Marine Corps, I’ll be done with these particular races. I’d like to try something new.

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