No Good Squat Goes Unpunished

wildlife refuge

yes, I think we should stop here (said my knee)

I got stranded on my long run today because my knee decided to seek revenge on me for the squats I did last week.

And why was I doing squats? Because I told myself I would work towards being a strong runner, not just a runner who ate poorly and did 60% of my miles. No, I would stick to the whole plan! I’d do those situps and pushups and squats to “strengthen my legs and get me ready for hill races.” RIGHT!! I’ve heard many many runners say not to do any leg workouts when you’re in training. They probably just assume everyone will do them wrong, not that they are inherently bad. But I was mindful about pointing my knees in the direction of my toes and having good stance, as much as I knew how I guess. I mean, I don’t do it in front of a mirror ok? I think it’s good. But, yes, my IT Band was hurting afterwards. So I thought, ok, I’ll lay off for a while. Too late. The deed was done.

Seriously, I only did maybe two days of squats. AND I rolled out my legs all last week. But after that 8 miler I did earlier this week, it just hurt. Then I only did a 5 miler yesterday because it still hurt. Then today’s 13 miler turned into a 7 miler because even stretching my ITB as I ran didn’t make it feel better. Cue me being stranded in the wilderness again. Yesterday an albatross practically attacked me on my run. This thing was 4 feet tall. I don’t care that it was a skinny pale bird, this thing looked menacing! I’m not joking about the height either. It wasn’t the innocent looking bird on the sign right there. Funny how they don’t show an alligator eating a small animal in that picture. They show a peaceful blue bird. Sure, pals. We runners know the truth. I have seen alligators, snakes, scary turtles and and a territorial albatross, but no peaceful bird like that during a run.

killer rabbit

killer rabbit!!

Ok, so I’m still having trouble with running in nature. My normal concrete jungle route was thwarted this morning because the runners on my run team were all racing. I had to find an alternate route. I try to break it up a bit. But the thing is, I never get over being jumped by wildlife. I just can’t. I’m pretty embarrassed by it too. I’m the one who jumps 10 feet when I see a fuzzy rabbit. Do I know what that rabbit is capable of? No. Have I studied rabbitology? Nope. In fact, the knowlege I do have of rabbits is pretty scary (see picture). But anyway, my point is, maybe I need to stick to city running. I see people running trails in Oregon and Flagstaff and all the elites doing all these trail runs in Colorado etc, and all I can think is – those people are nuts. They go out there alone?? Guess that Olympic medal isn’t as important to them as I thought. I mean, what if they come across a rabbit?!

Monty Python

Monty Python

Whatever. My knee hurts. I thought I was passed this “injury due to exercise mistakes” thing. Turns out you’re never too old or stupid to keep making training mistakes.

Monty Python

would it help to confuse it if we run away more?

2 responses to “No Good Squat Goes Unpunished

  1. The body is so complex, and it’s so frustrating to think you’re taking care of it, then have it backfire. Sorry your knee hurts – my knee is sending it good healing vibes.


    • Thanks. I know you understand the frustration. I’m hoping it will turn around quickly, but you never know how long these things take to sort out. Though maybe the good news is that now I know what NOT to do??


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