Sickness + Exams + Race = Fun Fun Fun Week!

Let me preface this with saying I’m ok with how the week’s going. Every race week and run week can’t be golden. And I managed two marathons this season without being sick and I’m so grateful for that. But it seems this week is not going to be one of the gold star weeks for the run journal.

Yep, first exam of the semester already here and that always means less running for me. It also means more coffee, sorry resolutions! But between my lingering post-marathon off-ness and exams and now being sick with a cold, it’s just really going to be one of those weeks. This Miami Half weekend is looking less like mojitos and south beach and more like tissues and cold meds. Fantastic. And now I have to break the news to my race partner.

I’m pretty firm on racing no matter what, short of me not being remotely near the training level I should be at. But sick? I guess I’ve been fortunate enough never to have to deal with this in the last couple years. It seems to only be a cold at this point, or maybe insane allergies??  And I read that it should be ok to race with these symptoms.

I’m digging deep these days. My body is probably 75% coffee right now. Exams are killing me and as much as I’d like to do more prep for my race weekend, I’m probably just going to throw everything together and get it done and hopefully by Sunday I won’t be as bad as I am now (think a million tissues and empty allergy meds bottles).

In other news, I’m completely eying Marine Corps Marathon again. I said no more marathons, I said if anything I’d do Disney again in January, and here I am imagining my next globe and anchor medal and imagining myself in DC again in October. Also kind of annoyed at my folks and my other half dishing out “I told you so’s” about the whole thing. Yes yes, every runner who says “never again!” is a liar and that means me doesn’t it? But you know what I’ve come to realize? With grad school and work and kids and sickness and running and how busy life is in general, thinking about races is my “happy place.” I’ll admit I’m a little addicted to racing. And I want to PR! I can’t let it go. Even when I’m sick and doing exams and just not in top form, I still want to run Miami as fast I can. And I just don’t see that happening now so I’m bummed. Maybe when I do run that exceptional race I will feel I can back off the race circuit. But for now, I just can’t let it go.

Also debating going to run group tonight. Just stay home and study!! – says the rational part of my brain.

runners getting their picture taken at Iwo Jima Memorial at the finish

come back to DC! run MCM again!

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