Last (Sore) Run Before Miami Half

I’m still so off! There is no jumping right back into training for me. Tonight’s run hurt.

I thought maybe it was my new shoes, and it very well may be, but it’s most likely ME. I’m just not fit enough. I’m not in shape enough. If I was, I could run a marathon a week ago and then run short runs like tonight’s 4-miler without problem. Instead my knee hurt and I felt like I was pushing it. I thought I could get a 6 miler in the books on Wednesday and that would be my last before the half but, no. I’m going to just stop, because tonight I do not feel like I’m even up to the half this weekend at all. I’m worried (big surprise – note to self: be less worried in 2015!).

The good thing is that my sister-in-law is not worried. Every year she shows up for a race with me, not having trained much, and kills it. She’ll say she’s worried, but really she’s not because she has a bunch of non-training-show-ups under her belt and she’s done great! If only my body performed that way. But I think we get strength off of each other. We worry about different things so maybe together that makes us a strong race team? I don’t know. It always works out. I think we end up getting ourselves into the most random situations that make us laugh so we end up calming down a bit. I’m a race logistics freak! I cannot relax until we are at the start line, and even then I’m convinced about oncoming doom. But by mile 5 I’m pretty well settled into any race and I’m able to relax. She, on the other hand, only worries about the last 10% of any race, like whether her iPod will inexplicably die and render her unable to finish the race (her will to finish is directly tied to the iPod).  And then she worries about being able to meet up with me later so that we can go for celebratory drinks! For the record, those celebratory drinks never happen. Three races together now and we have never had drinks post race. Every year I agree that’s going to be our plan, but deep down I know better. What we end up doing is hobbling back to our hotel and eschewing all treats and beverages. In my mind, you can’t mix Motrin and alcohol soooooo… Motrin wins!! (j/k, I don’t even take Motrin… I heard it interferes with your muscle recovery… I’m such a lame race-mate aren’t I?). But we still have fun at every Miami half no matter what, and both of us are far more agreeable after we get medal in hand!

Miami 2015 Medal

Miami 2015 Marathon Medal









Oreos! Pre-race dinner of champions!!

P.S. My secret weapon is Oreos. She loves them. (I’m not a big fan) But every time she freaks, I’m going to throw her one! She made me vow not to bring them this year but I maaaay have been crossing my fingers at the time. My motto is do NOT change what works for you on race weekend!! She doesn’t understand all the magic/superstitions that goes into running so this is me doing her a huge favor by ensuring her race Oreos are present and accounted for. YOU’RE WELCOME!!


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