First Run After Marathon

I’m not feeling great. Maybe I ran too soon after Disney. Three miles yesterday, leisurely miles (I stopped to talk to an old couple who was watching a giant turtle cross the road!), and I still felt like it was too much. My cardio fitness was screaming “YEAHHH!!! Keep going! 10 more miles!” But my body, my knees, just my overall physical feeling was saying “Hey, did you make sure this was ok? Do you think maybe 3 miles was too much? You DO remember you have Miami in a week right?

I feel ok today but I woke up feeling like I had done a serious run, not a 3 mile turtle watching jog. My knee is sore. I’m probably going to take the rest of the week off. Maybe I’ll swim. I can’t believe I even considered running Naples on Sunday. I’m not in that kind of shape to do a 26-13-13 three week race plan. I’m also having some serious talks with myself to go easy at Miami next weekend. It’s only going to be 2 weeks after the marathon and this is not the race to attempt a PR. My sister-in-law is doing the race with me again this year and she’s not really fast. She runs a very respectable pace though for not having trained much. I told her maybe I’ll run with her and take some pictures for a change. After all, I’ve got plenty of time and opportunity left this season to PR in the half. Sarasota Half is on March 15th or something and I’ll be far more rested by then.

I’m also very much eager to get into my 2015 training, which is hard to do when I’m in between races and always, seemingly, in a state of recovery. I really want to work on muscle strength to get my body into better shape and to get leaner. A friend of mine told me she knew someone who also ran the Disney World Marathon, but as part of the 48 mile Dopey Challenge. She said the woman now has a stress fracture but that the woman is upwards of 200 lbs or something. My friend thinks it’s to do with the woman being rather large and that causing injuries. Also, I can’t imagine her having done the proper training and still remaining 200+ lbs. But then I was like, wait, I’M rather large too! I am nowhere near my race weight and it’s pissing me off. Every 5 lb over your race weight you are adds 1 minute to your mile. Eek!

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I haven’t been doing as much as I could be towards that end, I’m afraid. But I HAVE been keeping with my vegan eating and experimenting with that. I do not think weight loss and vegan experimental cooking are mutually exclusive but I still need to be smart about it (how many fried vegan crabcakes did I really need??). I also blame the fact that I don’t have a plan right now. I don’t have a specific diet plan and I don’t have any running plan. Thing is, I’m quite busy with school. If only I had a treadmill! But I don’t. Treadmills aren’t cheap. At least good ones aren’t and why get one if it’s not going to be good? It’s really difficult to justify one in south Florida. There are so many perfect days here. But they are perfect outside while I’m locked inside, glued to my laptop writing papers. Sometimes I just need options at 10pm in between writing papers. In my perfect world, I’d have a treadmill facing a TV on the wall where I wound down after late night school work and watched tv and got my junk miles in. I mentioned that scenario to my husband and he remained silent. Was it a “Maybe” silent or a “Yeah right” silent? I don’t know. Maybe it was a “Your damn running is costing us a lot of money” silent. hehe

Anyone else have a treadmill at home? Does anyone know a cheap one that is amazing? Recommendations?

3 responses to “First Run After Marathon

  1. My friend who is a trainer says Craigslist in March-May is the way to get deals on fitness equipment. People who bought for resolutions, got out of the habit, and are cleaning house sell really nice barely used stuff on there. 5 days post-marathon I could barely go without an afternoon nap after 30 min of easy cycling. I think its normal to be run down a bit. But you’re getting back in the groove!


    • That sounds really promising. I’m going to check it out. I’m trying not to get too hung up on the idea because I really want one! And I only went out running because of what you wrote about your post-marathon week! I was like, well Sarah ran like 30 miles after her marathon so I should at least run 3 right??


  2. Haha! I do think I ran high 20s the third week after, which reigns as my peak mileage for the year :). But the week after, everything felt hard! I didn’t even walk to the train station to go to work – I braved Atlanta traffic to avoid walking half a mile.
    The best thing the recovery article said to do was running strides once I got a few easy runs under my belt. The first sucked but it really loosened me up.


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