My Superpower Is The Ability To Reverse Resolutions In A Single Week

Goodbye vegan. Hello marathon. Five days into the new year I have jumbled it all up again. I told myself I wouldn’t do any more big races and that I would just focus on different ways to incorporate healthy vegetables and alternate protein into my diet. That was the plan. Then today, at noon, I realized I HAD to do Disney. You know, the marathon that’s in 5 days? That one. It feels right.

It pains me to write this. I told my friends that it didn’t pain me as much to admit to dropping out of the marathon as it does to admit to dropping out of my vegan plan. Maybe it’s because a marathon is viewed as difficult whereas just committing to a specific diet plan should be easy. One drop out gets sympathy and the other gets “Oh, you couldn’t hack it eh?” Ok, nobody has said that to me but I say that to myself. I feel like a failure, but let me explain…

It’s because of the 16 miler I ran. My pace wasn’t good. I was disappointed in how hard it felt to me. And I realized that I would never set any PRs at Miami like this. I also knew the reason – my decreased training and my holiday weight gain. It’s like the perfect storm for suckville. Then  I asked myself why I was dropping the marathon if I’m not saving myself for Miami (or Naples) anyway? Why not do both races and accept that they will training runs with no PRs? Then I realized I’m still too heavy for these races. I’m not anywhere close to race weight and it makes my running miserable. How can I drop some weight before race day?! Well it ain’t by throwing back bean and flour patties fried in oil I can tell you that. 😦

chloe vegan italian kitchen

This cookbook has been amazing!

I love what I’ve eaten as a vegan this week. I made vegan fettuccine alfredo and vegan burgers and vegan cheesecake… ok obviously those aren’t low calorie things but at the TIME I wasn’t doing any races so I didn’t think I had to be rigid! I wanted to explore food substitutes without cheese, dairy, and meat. I loved the dishes and nothing in me craves anything else. I thought I’d be dying for other things but I’m not. But I also can’t drop weight and haven’t dropped a single pound this week even after logging mad mileage. I realized that if I’m going to do this race lineup in the next 3 weeks, I’m going to have to drop weight to help me out and that means bringing back fish and eggs and lean turkey. That’s what I know and I need a sure thing.

It’s all about the race now. It’s all about the marathon. I hope to pick up vegan another time and definitely incorporate it into our lives with the numerous vegan cookbooks I recently purchased. But, if I’m honest, I felt way way better doing the elimination diet than I have with vegan. It’s hard to do both because then you are too limited as a vegan (no tomatoes, peppers, onions, gluten…). Elimination allows me fish and turkey, while still keeping out dairy and the aforementioned inflammatory foods. I felt amazing on it and I lost weight. With this vegan diet, it’s great but it’s not great for the racing and for me right now. Obviously there are a ton of vegan ultra runners though and I really want to experiment with how to train just as well as they do while still being vegan, but I can’t try it full on right now.


Um… this will not be me.

So the NEW plan is that I am running Walt Disney World Marathon on Sunday! I was so freaked out about it this afternoon that my hands started shaking. I read a few race blogs and it helped so much! It also helped that all Disney races are walker friendly. I hope I don’t have to walk much (or at all!) but the fact that it’s a nice understanding race helps calm my nerves. This will not be a fast undertaking. This will be slow and steady and have shake out walks for my ankle and knee. But I have to do it. I was really bummed about dropping it. I’m going to take it in and use it as a training run. And I’m going to try to get back to race weight. I’m not sure if they allow CamelBaks at Disney though but I pray they do. Where else will I stash my Tylenol and phone so I can call Orlando hospitals after finishing? I’m going to the race alone and it’s far away from where I live so my CamelBak is like my blanky. I NEED IT!!

Ugh, that paragraph was supposed to say “I’M SO EXCITED TO BE RUNNING DISNEY!!” and instead I just blabbed about everything I’m afraid of and am so negative. I AM excited to be running now! And damnit, I am still an ok runner and I’m getting better so there!

Oh and I may be doing all of this to take my mind off of school starting back this week. Anyone know the number of a good sports psychologist?

UPDATE:  I haven’t given up vegan just yet. I am trying to make it work by adjusting starches and proteins and whole foods and figuring this out! If I have to run Disney as a fat starchy vegan then so be it. 🙂 I’m not quitting yet!

4 responses to “My Superpower Is The Ability To Reverse Resolutions In A Single Week

  1. The title of this post has me laughing out loud! I get everything you’re saying, and it sounds like you’re being very leveheaded and honest with yourself. Unfortunately we don’t see those qualities in the blogging world too often, so it’s refreshing. Kudos for going with your gut and doing what’s going to make you happiest.
    PS – Do you ever make lentils? They’re my favorite plant-based running food. I think they are magic because I feel fantastic when I’ve eaten them. Don’t take it from me though, I went from mostly vegetarian/vegan-ish to eating beef when I trained for my first marathon.


    • Thanks for the encouragement! You went back to meat when you started marathon training? Did you feel like you needed it or you just wanted to do it? Yes, I’ve been eating lentils. It’s just been hard to get used to eating beans when I guess I didn’t eat many before. You feel SO FULL – in a bad way. But I still haven’t quit with the vegan and it’s 7 days in now. I’m starting to feel better and am losing weight, so we’ll see. I think I just have a propensity to freak out about everything when a race is days away. Oh and check out this link I just found! It tells you every “complete protein” using plant based foods:


      • I did an analysis of my nutrition in a two-week period (one week at home, one on the road) before starting training. I was concerned at how little protein I was eating. I’ve never been able to do detailed nutrition tracking for any length of time, so I certainly didn’t trust myself to put in the extra work to make sure I was getting enough plant-based protein. I started eating beef when my iron got low during training, for probably 2-4 meals a week, and almost entirely grass-fed organic beef.

        I suspect your gut will adapt to eating more legumes – it’s always nice to start seeing the results you want. Thanks for sharing the list – I love quinoa stuffed peppers 🙂

        Good luck this weekend!


      • That makes total sense. It’s difficult to make sure you’re getting everything, especially on the road. And if meat is a guarantee, then of course go for the meat. I’m having to get creative with being out of town this weekend myself. Thanks again and I’ll let you all know how the race goes! **please let me get to the finish line!**

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