Nothing Like Starting The New Year With Dropping Out

This really isn’t a negative post. I’m happy and I’m looking forward, not backward. But do I think it’s funny that I started 2015 by dropping out of 2 races? … well I’m sure it will become funny as more time passes, right?

Go ahead and add Naples Half Marathon to my drop list. That rounds out the two drops of Disney and Naples. Now, Disney is really a no-fault drop (yes, I’m being kind to myself, which could also be denial). I mean, it was a gift entry from someone who thought once you run a marathon you can henceforth run any marathon at any time without any practice or struggle. I just wasn’t up for a quick turnaround from my last marathon. And our holiday schedules were nuts and it was really difficult to find time to run with work and kids, and I’m not just saying that. But ok, that’s done. I had still been looking forward to a back-to-back Naples and Miami halfs. That is, until the spouse let me know that he had other obligations that weekend all of a sudden. It was last minute. And this is the problem with having to buy races in advance. Although I could have waited longer with Naples, I tried to lock in the lower price. Ah well. Yes, I was bummed to hear it but it’s not the end of the world and the season is still open.

sarasota 2014 medal

Sarasota 2014 medal

And that’s why I officially signed up for Sarasota Half. It’s the 10th anniversary of the Sarasota Half Marathon and it’s an easy race to do, with same-day packet pickup for those of us driving in from out of town. That’s really the best part of it. If there were more same-day pickups, I’d do a lot more races around here! Anyway, they are giving free jackets with registration this year and seem to be trying to make it a big event. And for the first time I’ve ever seen, they offer a $6 race insurance policy that allows you to get your money back if you have injury or something comes up (in their list of approved things). I didn’t think it was necessary but looking at my track record of late, I got it anyway. I’m sure there’s some fine print I didn’t read about having to bring your doctor to Sarasota to swear under oath you have an injury or something impossible like that. Oh well. Also, I know I said I would never do it again because of the bevel in the road and because of the really sketchy looking volunteers, but I also remembered that I had my best time at Sarasota even with stopping to do ITB stretches. And now that I’m using a hydration pack, I won’t have much dealings with anyone (for instance people with the flu sneezing on my water cup). And maybe the 10th anniversary medal will be amazing too.

I’ll let you all know how it goes. The fact is that I like to redo races to see what things change and so that I can relax and enjoy the race more now that I know all about the logistic issues the second time around. Hmmm, does this mean I should do Marine Corps again? No comment. *see resolution list*

Additionally, I may do Tallahassee Half in February. It’s 2 weeks after Miami. I think I can sign up last minute on this one. Yes, it’s way the hell up the state and it takes us forever to get there from soflo, but we may have cause to go up there anyway. We’ll see if it works out. I’d consider it mainly a training run. I pretty much think it’s a bunch of people in Tallahassee getting together for a group run that morning but make it a little more formal by calling it a race. I’m not sure what to expect but I’m curious.

After all of these races, the season will officially be over. I used to think I hated the summer season without races but looking back on my calendar and all the runs I did from May – September, it was so much fun. I was happy to get out there. I realize now that all the unhappy feelings I had were due to nerves rather than being angry or upset. I was always nervous I wouldn’t be able to do the long run and it took so much away from those moments. But afterwards I was crazy happy! I’m looking forward to all of that again and I think that this year will be that much better since it’s fine tuning and not just cranking the engine.

Oh and I need to get a training calendar! My coach is in the middle of ultras (he’s a machine) so he said he’ll have it for me by middle of the month. I told him not to worry because it’s really great to just run without a plan right now. My only “plan” is to try and run at least 30 miles a week for now. But I’m really interested in a plan that takes you up in the 40-50 miles per week range.

So long Naples… next year maybe


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