New Year’s Resolutions – 2015

I like how Runner’s World did it with this slideshow and asked people what their running goals and non-running goals are. I’m going to separate my goals that way too. It’s funny though because my goals are most similar with Scott Jurek’s.

Running Goals:


I want to be fast. Fast, faster, fastest, it doesn’t matter. Ok, that’s not true, it does matter. I don’t want to just shave off a few minutes from a PR. I want to blast it away with dynamite! But basically I don’t want to be what I am now – slow and plodding and weak.

2.  Lose Weight.

This is so cliche but the fact is if you want to be fast you have to be light on your feet. I’m not fat. I’m smack in the middle of my “healthy range” weight. But as a lot of people know, that range is vast and anything past the middle mark feels fat. Before kids I was at the low end of that range. After kids I was at the high end of that range. Now I’m in that squishy soft middle because I haven’t made it a priority.

track workouts

track workouts are a must!

3.  Do Speed Work.

I need to find a good local track. Funnily enough, doing “speed work” through swamps that have “WARNING! ALLIGATOR HABITAT” signs is not working for me. Yes, there’s a definite motivation to keep you from slacking, but it’s a bad idea and it’s negating the stress relief I was looking for. Being a faster runner means doing those textbook track workouts. I WILL find a track!

4.  Respect The Training Plan.

No more just giving it 60%. That’s just disrespectful. It annoys the hell out of me to hear people bitch about how hard a race is/was when we all know they didn’t do the work. Of course it’s hard for you! You haven’t been running! But I’m as guilty as the next person. In fact, I’m pretty much shouting this at myself. If I can’t respect the training plan, then I don’t deserve to do the race.

5.  Do My Strength Work.

Situps, pushups, strengthening exercises. I need to do it all. Running fast means creating a strong body.

6.  PR in 10k

This is the first time I’ve really said it aloud but I’ve been subconsciously trying to do this in training for 2 months now. Ever since MCM I have been trying to run faster 10ks on my weekly runs, which wasn’t exactly on my marathon plan. It just made me realize I wanted to go fast and I needed to shift my goals accordingly.


vegan cookbook

vegan cookbook

Non-Running Goals:

1.  Go Vegan… for 90 days

Yep. I said it. I like a lot of vegan recipes already and have been eating them for years now anyway. But really I just want a renewed focus on vegetables and fruits and healthier unprocessed foods and switching over to vegan helps me to do that. Really I’ll miss fish the most. That’s why I’m doing a 90 day plan. It’s manageable and I think it will keep me strong in the initial stages. My family is also on board for the plan… after assuring my husband that I will make him weekly vegan cupcakes and treats.

2.  Ditch the non-water drinks

No more sodas. No more alcohol. No more coffee. Ahh… coffee…. I shall miss your loving embrace… Look, all these drinks just ruin your body. Well, coffee has a lot of benefits like protecting you from skin cancer, to name one, but alcohol and soda are just poison. They screw up your recovery and make you gain weight and increase your risk of disease. There really is nothing good-for-you about them (except coffee) and it would make me happy to ditch them (… except coffee), so that’s the plan. I will however make the occasional school-driven exception for a cappuccino here and there, but I’m trying really hard to make that a random occurrence rather than a 3-a-day thing. And it will be vegan.

3.  No More Signing Up For Big Races… for a little while at least

My not-so-great 2014 realization has been that races are not motivation enough. They do motivate… just not enough. I need to make smaller motivations, weekly motivations, instead of this huge event that scares me into inaction as much as it scares me into action. I need to wipe the board and build myself up.  I want to get fast and strong first before I sign up to prove myself on a race course. I’m taking a break from all of that. And, yes, that may mean I miss lottos. But there are still a lot of races that allow late registration (Miami, Tallahassee, etc) that I could grab up if I feel I’m ready for it later in the year.

And to that end…. I dropped out of the Walt Disney World Marathon. It’s in 10 days and I’m not ready. I’m not strong. It will be bad. The slanted roads of the Disney race route don’t help either. It will ruin Naples and Miami for me and it could ruin a lot more than that. I was stronger for Marine Corps Marathon and I still felt a lot of pain and regret for my fitness level. Already I feel good about my decision (sorta). This simple act of not doing Disney has injected enthusiasm into my training plans again. I don’t feel the dread that I’ve been feeling for the past month anymore. I’m thankful I was signed up for the race though because it got me doing all the long runs I’ve done since MCM. I know I wouldn’t have done those if it hadn’t been for my Disney entry.

I hope to hear everyone’s New Year’s resolutions soon! I know we can do it! If you haven’t bought the Believe Journal from Lauren Fleshman, you should go out and buy it today! Though from social media it seems that everyone already has. But it’s the best run journal I’ve ever seen and I’m more beholden to that log than I’ve felt toward a recent race.


I’m doing Disney. I guess this is my first official failure on the resolutions list. The marathon is in 3 days and I’m freaking out and I’m sure it’s going to be bad but whatever, I’m doing it. I’ve also been vegan for 8 days now and have lost weight. Those are the 2 things in the “achieved (so far)” box.

5 responses to “New Year’s Resolutions – 2015

  1. Great resolutions! I think you’re going to be successful with all of them. I went vegan five days a week for two months a couple years ago and acheieved my weight loss goal – it’s amazing how a vegan diet forces you to eat cleaner and healthier. Please post recipes you like! Good luck with the resolutions.


    • That’s really good to hear about going vegan. I’m excited to see what changes it brings. I figure since I just did an experiment this December on what eating only cheese, chips, burgers and pizza does for your running, I might as well try and see what eating only veggies, fruits and grains do.

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