Directionless For 2015 Run Season

It’s been bothering me this past month that I have no idea what race I am going to do in 2015, besides the ones slotted for the next month. I hadn’t realized it but the last few years I’ve lived for those race plans. It’s something to get you through work and school and chores. It’s my happy place to think of something, anything different than whatever I’m working on. It’s a changing of the mental gears to focus on plans that don’t involve the day-to-day concerns.

I have been looking online every day and night trying to find a good race. At this point, I may even just do Marine Corps Marathon again, contrary to what I wrote in my last post. I tell ya, I go back and forth about it. But my thought process is: “Ok, fine, I’ll go up north again for a race. And ok, since I’m here I might as well do a big race… you know, since I’m alllll the way up here.” Maybe it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but you just think of the money expenditure of plane tickets and expenses and you figure you need the race match the money, so to speak.


Race buddy now MIA

Here’s another thing that’s been bumming me out… my race buddy is anti running at the moment. Yes, she’s having an anti-running moment right now. There’s no other way to put it. I will say, and I think she’ll agree with this assessment (even though it probably won’t make her happy that I’m writing about it), that she went out super hard for Marine Corps with her training and she became injured in the process. I mentioned this before but my race buddy follows her training by the letter and if it asks for 100% she gives it 150%. Often that meant she would ADD miles just to ensure she wasn’t “slacking” or to make sure she completely covered a distance if she was unsure where she was. She’d also cram all her miles together if she missed a run or two during the week. Her body took a beating. And yet she still did amazingly on MCM, but right now she can’t even run 2 pain-free miles. It sucks.

But then there’s me… if my training plan asked for 100%… um… well I give maybe 60%. That’s maybe even too generous a calculation. If I missed a run, then I let it go and focus on upcoming runs. But I’m in good shape right now to keep going, even after a difficult MCM. I feel great even (*knock on wood*). Maybe a more gradual marathon build over a couple of years is the better way to do it? I didn’t go all out but I have survived to run another day, so to speak. Maybe she was just really unlucky with injuries? It’s such a learning process!

I’m eager to lock down some 2015 race plans. But it really is more fun with a race buddy, especially my old military bud. She’s a perfect blend of calm and crazy and I couldn’t ask for a better partner. But her anti running moment is killing me!!! I want her to think about rehabbing herself back into shape for fall 2015 race season but she’s refusing to even think about it, which means she’s refusing to enter lotteries in the coming months. Arghh! If I wasn’t a full-time student right now I’d just enter her in the lotteries myself. I guess there’s nothing to be done but wait and see. She’s so far agreed to do a half if Ichose one up there but, as I said to my husband, what’s the big difference between a half and a full?! (“THE FULL IS TWICE AS LONG!!!” my husband shouted when I ran that argument by him)

secret life of walter mitty

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

So here I am. No plans. Terribly annoyed and restless, needing a race to set my sights on. And if I watch The Secret Life of Walter Mitty one more time I swear I will end up signing up for the Reykjavik Marathon.

P.S. I wish I knew more distance runners, or any runners at all. Everywhere I’ve ever worked, I’ve basically been the only runner. Sure, I’ve gotten people to run with me and they get excited about it, temporarily, but it’s not the same as having a core group of serious runners around you. And right now in soflo? Forget it. Nobody does distance running here. Is it the extreme heat and humidity? The alligators? The concrete scenery? Maybe it’s the sense that, “Hey, why would I run if I could be wind surfing or drinking margaritas on the beach right now?!” It’s not like Oregon where there’s nothing else to do in that cold, rainy/snowy forest state but run the trails. Ok, I’ve never been to Oregon and I’m secretly madly jealous of all the runners and trees and weather in that state. I’m just trying to figure out what the deal is with Florida. Though, as I contemplate my afternoon run in 80 degree weather in December, and wonder AGAIN which path has the least chance of alligator attack, maybe I already know.

secret life of walter mitty

Does anybody want to go adventure running with me?

2 responses to “Directionless For 2015 Run Season

  1. Oh my gosh – alligators??

    I feel a bit directionless with fall race plans too, which is fine for the next, um, 3 months before lotteries start? I got my heart set on NYC…then Chicago…then I started thinking about MCM. I’m all over the place. It will probably depend on where my boyfriend is willing to go (and if I get in). Keep me posted as your plans solidify – it would be so great if we ended up in the same place!


    • Yes, alligators! My husband says I exaggerate but I can’t run a route around where I live without running into a “WARNING: ALLIGATOR…” sign of some sort. I can’t make this up. I have the pictures! Like I said, those folks in Oregon have it made. And yes, let me know what race you end up choosing (or which race chooses you). I like your take on it – we have a couple months til lotteries and maybe that will be enough time to decide.


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