3 Weeks Til Walt Disney World Marathon

I just finished my 20 miler in preparation for the Walt Disney World Marathon on January 11th. But, as I mentioned on Twitter, I wasn’t able to do it conventionally. My schedule was very limited so I had these brief windows to squeeze in two 10-mile long runs Saturday night and Sunday morning. All week I tried to find a better way to do it but I couldn’t. I didn’t have time for longer than a 10 miler this morning and that meant a late night 10 miler to try and join the two as close together as possible. But hey, I’ve never done that before so it’s just another experience in running!

Let me just say that it did not feel like I was running 10 miles this morning. It definitely felt like I was running miles 11-20. It hurt. Not because I’m not used to doing 15 miles or more, but because I’ve been pushing my pace a lot. I think I’m just tired of going so slow like we did this summer for all the long runs. And maybe it’s because the weather is a lot nicer now. Or maybe it’s because my recent run route is much more populated so I’m embarrassed to be seen running so slow, even though I’m absolutely on pace for long distances. All of that has just made me run faster. Oh, and maybe it’s because I’m more confident now. Before I always conserved so much in case I needed it to finish out the distance. Now I KNOW I can do the distance so I just go for it. I guess that’s second timer’s method for ya.

I can’t tell you how nice it was to switch up the route this morning. I am so tired of my regular run route. I can’t run it anymore. Not to mention I had that big cat scare on the route and then this one weirdo guy was following me and then went up ahead and literally hid in the bushes. I swear, the craziest things happen when I’m running. Another time on the route a guy on a bike tried to hand me a brown bag of liquor. Another time I was running in the rain and interrupted an interlude between two people who did not expect to see another person out in the rain, let’s just put it that way. I’m kind of tired of all the (bad) surprises. So, yeah, it was nice to run with the team on my old, dependable route where all we saw were high school run teams out on the roads.

Right now I feel drained. I haven’t done enough to prepare for the WDW marathon but it’s too late now. It’s taper time. Though I’m wondering if I should go 3 full weeks for taper. Maybe I could just do two weeks? And by that I mean I might do another 15 miler next weekend at the most. Ok… maybe 16 at the most but that’s it!

Here’s my WDW marathon prediction:  I’m not going to do well. I’m not going to PR. I am going to run it 15-20 minutes slower than my last marathon.

I’m not upset about it. I wasn’t prepared to do a second marathon so soon after Marine Corps. I’ve had to adjust my goals for this race. With exams and semi-burnout exhaustion, I didn’t have it in me to do the training like I was supposed to. This time I’m just going to run in an easy-going way, probably without my CamelBak, definitely without sleep (gun goes off at 530am!!), and just consider it a training run and a mileage builder for my week. I’m going to take in the sights and enjoy the moment without my mind threatening me if I don’t achieve my time goals, like I did to myself in MCM. I was telling my run group that the best thing about this marathon is that so many people are doing the Dopey Challenge (a 5k, 10k, half marathon, and then the full marathon) that there will be a lot of people going slow for the marathon or walking or hurting. I’ll just blend right in with these people like I did those same things too!

happy people

happy Disney runners

On a side note, all the pictures from WDW races have runners looking amazingly happy. I’ve never been this happy during a race ever. I’m pretty sure I’m always thinking about my shortcomings the whole time. I’m certainly not hugging Mickey Mouse. But maybe I should! Maybe I should make this my “pose with the characters” race. Or I can actually take on-course pictures for once. Or I could dress up in a tutu and mouse ears for my kids who will be watching me race for the first time. I mean, if I’m not going to be remotely fast, why not really really have fun with it? I guess I better get on these plans if I have them. (added benefit is I can blame my bad time on tutu wind resistance)

2 responses to “3 Weeks Til Walt Disney World Marathon

  1. On the taper, my suggestion would be to do what’s worked for you in the past! Everyone says it’s better to be undertrained on race day than overtrained. I think your attitude is great! Do your best and have fun!!!


    • Thanks! I just read some more about that yesterday too. It said how bad overtraining is vs undertraining. And I’ve seen it first hand with my runner friends. I wonder when/if I’ll ever be good at this (run training), where everything isn’t such an unknown calculation or risk assessment.


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