Holiday Visitors = No Running

I cannot change this fact. When people come to visit and stay with us, I don’t run. When people come to visit and stay with us for 8 days, I don’t run for 8 whole days.

The thing is, when people come to visit but stay in a hotel, I run. We had relatives over this summer and they stayed in a hotel (their choice) so I was super motivated to go make my early morning long runs and then be back in time to entertain. When people stay over, it’s like you’re pressured to entertain constantly. Or you use early mornings to cook and clean before everyone wakes up. There is that 24 hour pressure to be present and entertain. But it’s not them! It’s me. They wouldn’t mind but I just don’t get out there and run. I’d make it part of my 2015 resolution package if I thought at all that I could change this fact. But no. I’m gonna make my resolutions realistic this year.

After I finished exams, I did that 15 miler but then decided to take a break because of my ankle and just because I wanted a break. I thought I’d run that next week but I didn’t (see above). Now, here I am, 2 weeks later and I’m having to crank up running again. And my ankle is still twinging. I don’t get it. Maybe I’m going too fast. I’m so impatient to get runs over with that, even though I tell myself to slow down, I am always picking up the pace. Rrrrr! All the more reason to really listen to my race buddy and nix the marathon this year and go for the half marathon PR instead. More on 2015 race plans later though.


I basically ate this much butter every meal

So not only did I NOT run for that 11 day stretch, I also undid all of my healthy eating and “no-alcohol during training” rule. If I made a food pyramid of my meals the last 2 weeks it would consist of tiers of sausage, cream, butter, beer, and simple carbs. I don’t even know how it happened. What I do know is I gained 6 lbs. And it’s funny because on Thanksgiving we didn’t have people over and were in full control of our schedule and surroundings and ended up, quite by accident, having a vegan Thanksgiving (with the exception of the turkey). We normally focus on nutrient-dense foods and vegetables and non-dairy, etc. But with all of this terrible eating, all of a sudden my knees started to hurt and I started feeling like crap all around. And now that I’m starting to run again, I feel throughout my body every single bad choice I made the last 2 weeks… and it sucks.

Do I regret it? Not really. I guess it just is what it is. I don’t mind taking a break from thinking about food and nutrition for a while at times throughout the year. But 11 days is way too long. Your body stops treating it as a random act and starts accepting it as your absolute plan. And when your body makes that switch into acceptance, you start craving that junk and getting used to being lazy and getting back to normal and getting back to your running is extremely difficult. That’s where I am now. Slow and steady though I’m getting back into it. I’m nervous I haven’t been nearly serious enough and I’m going to get slaughtered at the Disney Marathon. For the record, this wasn’t my idea. I just ran my first marathon in over a decade and then my husband decides to “gift” me a marathon 11 weeks after?? If I end up in a hospital in Orlando, I will not blame my bad choices the last 2 weeks… I’ll blame HIM.

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