My Top Reasons/Threats/Compromises For Getting Out The Door To Run… When I Really Don’t Want To

These may not be great reasons. They may even be the worst reasons. But sometimes it doesn’t matter what got you out, so long as you laced up and got out that door!

1.  The calendar says today I run X miles, and I need to do it now because I can’t do it near Sunday long run

2.  I have a marathon in X days.

3.  Wait, is tonight fondue night? Definitely have to run to burn calories beforehand.

running through southbeach

running through southbeach

4.  I read a study saying that 15 miles a week minimum was the key amount to strengthen your body against cancer… and I’ve only done X miles this week.

5.  School is stressing me out, maybe if I run I will feel better. (yeah right)

6.  The kids are screaming, if I take off for a run then my husband will have to handle it instead of me.

7.  Remember what happened at Miami when you ONLY did your long run days and not the mid week miles??

8.  I told run team I would be there today/this morning/tonight.

Virginia trail running

Virginia trail running, my favorite runs ever

9.  I have to test out this piece of gear before Sunday long run.

10.  I am back home in DC/VA and therefore MUST run! I *heart* you NOVA trails!!

11.  If you go run right now, you can come home and treat yourself with all kinds of goodies and movies and treats! A run is the price of the ticket.

12.  I will never beat my Marine Corps Marathon time if I don’t log 30-40 miles per week this time around!

13.  The more times I get out there, the faster I get and the less time all these damn runs will take up eventually.

14.  The big ____ Marathon is on tv at 9am so I HAVE to do at least X miles before then so I can come home and watch it and not feel like a slacker.

15.  I can’t lose my leg muscles from marathon training this summer! I worked too hard for these!

study or run?

study or run?

16.  If I don’t run, then I can’t write on my running blog, and if I can’t write on my running blog, then I’ll have to do school work instead, soooooo… I have to run today.

17.  This is the best time of year to run in south Florida, don’t waste it! Your friends would kill to run in 75 degree weather right now by the beach like you do!



Tell me your top things that get you out the door!

P.S. I’m having a really hard time getting out the door today despite all of the above. Amazing how sometimes even all the logic and enthusiasm and threats can’t get you to muster. Although, #11 has caught my attention today.

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