Winter Sundown Sucks!!

How can anybody fit in running when the sun sets at 4pm these days?! Ok, maybe not 4 but it’s like 5 or 530. It’s ridiculous. Just when the idea of running starts to glimmer in my mind after work, oh wait, it’s already DARK!

It has been ingrained in me all summer that no running can happen in the afternoon before 6pm. And really that’s pushing it. Even 6:30 was way better to start running because then you could potentially get away without using sunblock. These rules are still firm in my mind. So firm that I’m now on my second day of “oh shit the sun has already set!” run cancellations. Well I didn’t really cancel the first day, I just sprinted out of the house in what I was already wearing and made it a speed workout. But today? Cancelled. Sadly.

It may not only be sundown. Yes, I’m going to talk about school again. End of semester is nearing. Lots of work. Final exams soon. I’m feeling the pinch. At the close of one work day, you get the kids to bed and settle down for a moment and, yep, start your grad school work. It’s so difficult to wedge running into the work-family-grad school combo. And because it’s the least important of all those things, it always gets the chopping block first. Especially when your local gym closes ridiculously early and has the worst weekend hours ever. I want a treadmill like Lauren Fleshman’s has. I saw it in Runner’s World and then the next day saw it on Instagram. It’s amazing! It’s also $11,000. But I’m telling you, if you have 11 grand laying around, go buy this treadmill now! I haven’t tried it but the reviews completely sell me.

woodway 4front

woodway 4front

Personal treadmills are saviors aren’t they? You don’t have to freak out about sundown times or gym hours or when to fit in the travel to the gym and the workout time. You just go, Hey, look at that! I’m finished with my work! Yay! It’s 9pm but you know what? I’m gonna hop on the treadmill that’s in the other room! Problem solved! And I can watch those shows I never ever get to watch anymore because of stupid school! Two birds with one stone?! Yes siree!

I really thought I could manage the little miles adding to a nice whopping 30-40 mile week. I started thinking that was possible for this second marathon. And now I just feel hopeless about it. School and growing kids and home and work and SUNDOWN are all too much. I haven’t given up though. I’m trying to figure it out. And sure, maybe it’s not sundown. Maybe it’s me.

P.S. Thinking about going back to run team for weekend runs. Will talk about that later but, I dunno, think I may have to. Not a happy thought for me.

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