Motivational Crisis – And How Man-Eating Coyotes Aren’t Helping

This is what I was afraid of. I KNEW I’d want to come back home from the marathon and sit on my bum and eat doughnuts all day and push the snooze button on my “get ready for the next marathon in 11 weeks” plan. I knew I’d want to… but I didn’t think I’d actually do it. WRONG! I’m totally in the lazy unmotivated post-marathon runner quagmire.

The thing is, I’ve tried! I busted out the drill sergeant part of my brain to get me out the door a few days ago. And you know what I got for all my effort?? I got attacked by a giant Jurassic-size coyote on my run trail!!! …. basically. I mean, I was on the trail and he was on the trail. But I’m quite sure he was thinking about it! And I’m sorry but in MY mind, coyotes are the size of small terriers, not GIANT German Shepherds! (or wait, is that foxes? foxes are the size of terriers?) Anyway, it was HUGE and it was on my trail and I sprinted home and my knee did not thank me for that. So I quit. And I went back to doughnuts.

important safety tips

important safety tips

Look, not to beat a dead horse here but I’m not prepared for coyotes on my trail. It’s south Florida! Ok, granted, home to enormous pythons and alligators, but even those I’ve had to condition myself to be on the lookout for. I’m still a city runner at heart. So when I run down a street or trail or path, if there isn’t some shady guy that I can see (or a place for a shady guy to be hiding), then I let my guard down. And that is probably why, even after all these years, if I see a snake (or even a turtle) I scream and jump and sprint to safety. Sorry but I don’t think I’ll ever get used to seeing a snake . And I’m sure as hell not going to be so mentally prepared to see giant beasts and alligators that I’m like “Oh there you are Mr. Alligator! I knew I’d see you one day! Now I’m going to initiate ‘alligator on my path’ Plan B! Yep, not today Mr. Alligator! I was prepared for you!!” Nope. Never gonna happen.

But what comes first – the plan or the will? Am I not running because I don’t have a run calendar written and taped up? Or am I not making a run calendar because I don’t feel like running? I’m now 9 days out from MCM and 63 days out from WDW marathon and I’m well aware that this is not good. I’d like to end this post by saying I’m definitely putting up my calendar and running today… but right now I can only commit to complaining about things. 😦 I really will snap out of it. I always do. But jeez, not how I saw things going post marathon.


Update:  I actually think it was a German Shepherd loose. It looked more like this than the coyote. But come on, isn’t that just as bad? Someone’s random attack dog wandering around? Also, all this happened after the spouse and I heard mewing in the woods, or what my spouse said was a bunch of bobcat cubs… which he also said not to worry about. Yeah, cuz a bobcat mom protecting cubs sounds cute and cuddly. All of this is driving me indoors to treadmill running!

German Shepherd

German Shepherd



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