Wait, I’m Supposed To Be Running Already??

Hey, I thought I got 26.2 days off after the marathon. I swear I saw a plan on Runner’s World that said that. But I just looked at Hal Higdon’s website for post marathon training and he tells even the novices they need to be out there hitting the road! Eek. Is this for real? Well, looks like I’m going to have to make Sunday my first run back.

Turns out Mr. Higdon has a plan for back to back marathons too. Thank goodness because I have no clue what the best strategy would be. He gives these programs for whether you have 2 weeks between or 8 weeks between. As it stands I have 10 weeks between marathons, starting this Sunday. So I’ll modify the 8 week plan to add another 20 miler to the rotation and then taper from there.

Sigh. It’s for the best. I’m still glad my husband gave me this crazy presumptuous gift of a second marathon in this year’s season. I truly believe I would have just sat on my arse the entire winter season here in Florida – the best season to run no less! I think I’ll try for a PR at Disney (maybe) but then that will probably mean that Miami (2 weeks later) will be a shake out run and NOT a half marathon PR. If I really want a half PR then I can grab a Sarasota entry at the Miami expo like last year. Even though I said I didn’t want to run Sarasota again. See, that’s how Sarasota gets people I’m sure. It’s the perfect time slot for a late season race. Maybe this year they’ll have a better medal. That flavor flav thing they came up with last year is an eye sore on my medal rack.

Charlottesville Half Marathon

2009 Charlottesville Half Marathon medal

Speaking of medals… I just found my Charlottesville Half Marathon medal in a pile of winter clothes I was going through. At the time I got it, I just threw it in a drawer. That was back when I was a good runner and medals weren’t the reason that I ran. It’s a small little coin-sized medal on a plain little ribbon. Next to my recent race medals, it looks small and pathetic. But in reality it represents the fastest I’ve ever run. And it represents a race that hosts really good runners and doesn’t need to sell medal “bling” to get people there. Not that that’s a bad thing! It’s fun to do races for crazy medals. I’m just saying that Cville is a different sort… it’s not Miami.

Anyway, I was doing low 8’s on that race and that was on Cville’s super hilly course. I remember thinking at the time, sure I can make Boston. I mean, it’s just me continuing this pace for the marathon. What’s the big deal? Annnnd then I had 2 kids and started grad school. It will be a miracle if I even get to my old pacing in the next 2 years. And if I ever do Boston, it will be because someone cut me a $5,000 check to run for a charity. Again, not going to happen.

But my goals are more moderate than that. My goal is to be faster and not finish in the second half of participants in any race pack. I want to finish up at the first half with the stronger runners (I don’t know where I finished at MCM). I want to be faster because it means I’m fitter. I want to run a 4 hour marathon and a sub 1:45 half. I don’t dwell on those goals but if I had to pinpoint them, those are the specifics that keep going through my mind. I’m not even interested in a sub 4 right now. I just want to run an early 4 of any kind. From what I see of other people’s marathon training blogs, it’s a long process of chipping away at your time and fine tuning your training. I’m thankful that I’m healthy and am able to even have these sort of goals.

November 1st is now the first day of Part II of my training plan. I’m excited to get started. I’ll be making another run calendar so I don’t have to look at the old one with all the canceled runs anymore. It’s gonna be great!

WDW medal

2015 WDW medal

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